Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Dash Of This; A Pinch Of That

A few random ingredients from the recipe of my brain:

  • The Celtics Ray Allen broke an NBA playoff record for three point field goals last night. Dude was smoking hot from outside.

  • I heard a juicy tidbit of gossip; a forty year old I know is preggers with twins and she's not married.I guess her family finds this scandalous but I think this is great news because I figure that at forty, if she wasn't taking precautions she quietly wanted this.

  • Is Kate Gosselin is on the cover of People Mag AGAIN??? Seriously, I think the world's gone crazy.

  • What's the over/under on Real Housewives New York's Jill and Bethany making up?

  • Pau Gasol of the Lakers is one UGLY mother.

  • I think God should intervene in the oil spill.

  • Lately there aren't enough hours in the day to do what I need to do. While I know that this happens to everyone, I have been letting it stress me out.
  • I saw "Get him to the Greek" this weekend. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. Diddy surprisingly stole the show, but I can't say I would
    recommend it.
  • Celebrities make shitty basketball fans.
  • Something tells me that the new Adam Sandler, David Spade, Kevin James, Chris Rock, etc. movie is going to suck really bad. Why else would they be pimping it out at every chance during the NBA finals?

  • Will any movie ever top "Forty Year Old Virgin"?

  • I just read an article that said Bernie Madoff is a hero and a celebrity among the prison population. Sounds about right; the King of Crooks is right where he belongs.

  • Even though Tom Cruise is the biggest douche bag in the Universe, the fact that he A. Played this role in a major motion picture. and B. Reprised it on the MTV Music Awards last night, kinda make me want to give him a pass on the douche bag thing.

Tell me that was not the greatest thing ever!


Scott Oglesby said...

Wow are we on the same page today or what? Gambling and the Lakers…. what more could a post ask for.

And I totally agree that Gasol is fugly and that God is letting a great PR chance go to waste.

All those comedians together and you don’t think it’ll be good?

Cora said...

I dunno, I'm pretty sure Forgetting Sarah Marshall topped The 40 Year Old Virgin. It still makes me cry laughing just thinking about it.

Heff said...

As far as Jill from Real Housewives of New York, I'd give her the "over/under" ! That biotch be fines !

BeckEye said...

I have no idea who that Tom Cruise character is or why I should know him. I love when the occasional pop cultural thing just whizzes right past me.