Friday, February 26, 2010

Hot Mess Madness

Did you ever, in you excitement to eat your favorite foods, bite into a steaming hot morsel and burn the roof of your mouth or your tounge?? That's a hot mess.

And there's no denying that the following celebs are hotter and messier than a burnt pie hole.

This photo, courtesy of, is what gave me the inspiriation for today's post.
Who is this??? You are gonna DIE when I reveal it at the end of the post.(so don't click it like it says. I'm not that technologically advanced) Makes me believe the world's gone crazy...

These two most definitely constitute a hot, steaming mess if I ever saw one. Word is that since Charlie Sheen has now checked into rehab, on the heels of his wife's decision to check into rehab, that Brooke Mueller has left the rehab facility to go home, but brought her "sober coaches, therapists and others" so that she can be with her family.

I gotta wonder how that's workin for her? Hot mess indeed. I wish them the best, really I do.

All I can say about Helena Bonham Carter, shown here at the premier of her new movie, "Alice In Wonderland" in London last night, is that she never deviates from her hot mess status. EVER.

Here she is just a bit more glam/hot mess chic.

Oooh, Courtney, where is the Love?? Remember after Kurt died and Courtney became all glam. She scored a few movie roles and was looking and feeling good. Poor thing.

This is Courtney today. Let's just say that crack is whack.

And speaking of Crack is Whack:

Sorry, this photo totally killed me...

Word from is that Whitney, while on tour in Australia this week, has been plauged by vocal problems, unable to hit high notes and exhibiting weird on-stage behavoir. reports:

"Whitney's weirdness reaches its peak right before she's supposed to hit the high note -- when she suddenly turns around, walks over to a table behind her, and then spends an excessive amount of time gearing up for the big finish."

Fans have been quoted leaving the concert saying, "the voice is gone" and "disappointing at best" and "it wasn't worth $165.00" .....Ouch.

So, are you still wondering who that grungee, bearded, Brad Pitt look-alike is in the first photo?

The wait is over:

It's none other than the King of Latin Lovers......Antonio Banderas.


The world has gone crazy! I blame Brad for making it pseudo-chic, but Antonio? That's just some crazy shit right there. No, no, and double no. I believe that Antonio was put on this earth to make grown women swoon, but not like this.

I guess he's just trying to keep it real with his wife. Because there really is no other explaination.

She's hot mess history!!!


RW said...


Scope said...

Cora - If I ever head more down this path, please stage an intervention.

Joker_SATX said...

OMG! The Joker is stunned....

B.E. Earl said...

Banderas turns 50 this year. He's made some cool movies and he's deserved the right to grow a grungy, grey beard.

Scott Oglesby said...

Thanks for keeping me up to date on the hot celebrity gossip, if it weren’t for you I’d be clueless. I completely believe that that is Antonio…. I see it every single day over here.

Have you ever seen that website with the before and after pictures of meth addicts? I forget the name….

Anonymous said...

Courtney Love's had so many freaking surgeries she's about 98% plastic at this rate. She better not go out in the sun anytime soon. Did her nose really shrink or is it just relative to her MASSIVE inflatable lips? Holy crap!

As for Antonio - WTF? Desperado turned into THAT? WHY?

SkylersDad said...

Courtneys lips should come with some sort of safety warning, like "Do not inflate to more than 75PSI"

the walking man said...

First picture thought of Mel Gibson but then...gahhh he is a hot mess no matter what.

My beard is longer and softer. Luxuriant even. No hot mess on my face Candace.