Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Wanna ROCK!!

Bad taste, Good Times. - A Golden Playground For The Easily Amused. - Grab Yourself a Beer
. " Heff, Feb 2010

Lock up your sanity, hide your women folk and get ready to rock, cuz Heff is BACK!!!!!

My friend Heff, of the infamous Heff's Bar and Grill, who's been blogging longer than Dirk Diggler's most famous appendage, is back on the bloggersphere!!! WHOO HOO!!

Certainly deserved of a break from blogging, after Heff signed off I was caught unaware of how the absence of Heff's Bar and Grill would affect me. I missed his hilarity, his fabulous recipies (no shit), his beer recommendations, his music, his smokin hot Donna, (who is a stone cold fox) and his Heffy shenanigans.

Loyal, sweet, caring and crass, Heff is, without a doubt, one of my favorite bloggers ever since the day he commented on a post about my "Aunt Flo". We've been like peas and carrots ever since.(not really, but you get the point.)
You gotta check him out, and tell him you got MAD LOVE for him from me. You won't be sorry.

I'm pumped!

Welcome back dude!


Heff said...

(Getting a little misty)

I can't thank you enough, Candy. I'm "moved to beers."

Anonymous said...

Stares in disbelief at a good safe distance.

The Dental Maven said...

What in tarnation took so damn long????!!!


Scott Oglesby said...

With a name like Heff, he can’t go wrong. I’ll check him out tonight. Thanks for the recommendation!

Heff said...

Scott - Good move. H.B.A.G. IS best viewed at night, lol.

Thanks again Candy. You're very sweet. (Ha! A pun!)

Cora said...

Ooh. I'm gonna go check him out right now.

I mean his blog - I'm going to go check out his BLOG.

Yeah. That's it.

Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Well, since you recommended him, I'll hop over for a visit.

Heff said...

Wow, that's like, the lowest amount of comments you've had in quite some time.

I'm terribly sorry, lol !!!

Furtheron said...

Heff that is cos they just went straight to the famous Heff's bar to marvel over the body... of that Les Paul... you know I'm very weird aren't I?