Monday, February 1, 2010

Despicable Doesn't Begin To Cover It

Sorry about the confusion over Friday's post. As my friend, Mrs. Hall explained so eloquently on Friday's post in the comment section, yes it was judgement day for my EX ASS, meaning my asshole of an EX-husband. Thanks to Mrs. Hall and I apologize to you bloggers for my quick, crap post, as it was literally thrown together on an iphone as I sat in a court house. (I thought the picture was brilliant, though)

Funny, but after listening to the lies of the EX-ASS, and the lengths he would go to to save his own hide, I went on about my day only to come home that night to catch ABC's news program 20/20.

How ironic.

The topic was Andrew Young, ex-aide to John Edwards, tell all book about the despicable John Edwards and the cover up of the decade. It would seem that this was the day for me to sit mesmerized by tales and lies and the lengths that people will go to, to cover up the truth. Of course, not everything we read, see or hear is the absolute truth and Mr. Young is just as despicable as Mr. Edwards, but whoo boy, I couldn't help but wonder what the HELL John Edwards was thinking.

Seems Edwards was in the midst of his run for the White House and the American Presidency, when the shit hit the fan and the fan was on high. Edwards, seen by the media as the dark horse in the race against Hillary and Obama, was the possible front runner in the pending Iowa Caucuses. Around the same time Edwards wife of 30 years, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she valiantly and publicly urged her husband to continue his presidential bid. What we, the American people, didn't know was also at the same time Mr. Edwards VERY PREGNANT mistress Rielle Hunter, was about to give birth to his illegitimate child. And that there were lots of people willing to lie, finance, and cover up this fact, to get Edwards into the White House at all costs. But lucky for us, we have the National Enquirer, who's sole purpose it is to expose scumbags of all race and class and political party.

The National Enquirer was hot on Rielle Hunter's trail and Edwards had to make a move fast. What's even more ironic is that Edwards didn't seem to be worried about loosing his presidential bid as much as he was worried about his wife finding out about Rielle and the baby. In stepped trusted aide Andrew Young to save the day. This boob had his nose so far up Edwards ass that he actually made a public statement, claiming paternity of Hunter's child. Young, married with three children, moved Edward's preggers hussy into his home, with said family, and fell on his sword for Edwards. Motivated by what could only be an unlimited bank account, Young, his wife and Hunter went into hiding while they waited for the birth of the child.

The rest is history, as they say, Edwards tanked in Iowa, then New Hampshire and pretty much suspended his campaign after that. Ya think? How the hell this guy did not have an anxiety attack during all of this is amazing. It just reinforces the fact that he is most certainly a pathological, self absorbed, despicable liar who will ruin, destroy and crush anyone in his path. I mean, did he really think he could become president with THAT skeleton in his closet?? I will never understand how terrible people manage to get away with terrible things.

Andrew Young is not without fault. He has fallen in the graces of his colleagues for a man who promised to take care of him forever, only to find himself now unemployable. A man who told Andrew he will always be family, and today will not take his calls. A man who abused Andrew's trust, his wife's trust, his mistress' trust, this country's trust and for what?

Today, they are all sitting in their own stink and despicable doesn't begin to cover it is a mere understatement.


wigsf said...

I have a feeling about this bastard child of John Edwards. I have a feeling this bastard will one day be the new William the Conqueror. He too was a bastard child of a Norman Duke. This William the Bastard rose to power in Normandy and used that power to invade and conquer England, forever ending Saxon rule of England and established a Norman dynasty that would last for hundreds of years. I think in a generation or so, John Edward's illegitimate child will rule America.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

offt. Thanks for the linky love but yikes, sounds like you had a craptacular day.

Seems the Edwards was painful to watch. It's amazing the lengths people go to cover up and support pathological liars such as Edwards.

But, sociopaths can be very charming and charismatic.

And really, underneath politics, sometimes anyway, are people's morals. People want to help others, do good things.

Then a person comes in (Edwards) who is good looking and says all the right things (like, I will help others as a leader) so people support him.


When the people supporting him saw the underside, the undeniable truth of ugly, the lies and more lies they should have walked away. They should have let him suffer the consequences of fathering a child outside of his marriage.

Enabling doesn't help anyone. It just makes the problems grow. As evidenced by the whole Edwards story.

Glad you got out of that marriage with the Ex-Ass. Glad you are standing tall, being all super mom, business owner and enagaged to (what sounds like) a very nice guy.

GO YOU!!!!



Scott Oglesby said...

It sounds like it would be an entertaining book; I’ll give it a shot. The best fiction that I’ve ever read describing how after one wrong move everything can escalate into chaos was A Simple Plan. The movie sucked compared to the book. But you can really see how things like this (and much worse) can happen.

BTW- I completely agree with you….he is the biggest scumbag EVER!

TROLL Y2K said...

Believe it or not, the evidence uncovered by The Enquirer and this book didn't change my opinion of democrat-hero John Edwards one iota.

That's because I was familiar with his career as one of the sleaziest lawyers in US History.

The Dental Maven said...

Birds of a feather....
The only reason anyone would help cover up ol' Johnnys misdeeds is because they felt there'd be a payoff in the end, like a cabinet position or plum appointment. What a group of losers! Hopefully what goes around will ultimately come around...

SkylersDad said...

He deserves far more than he is going to get!

BeckEye said...

John Edwards is a total greaseball. He probably even makes Bill Clinton sick.

laughingwolf said...

won't waste my time reading this crap, but agree with wigsf....

Joker_SATX said...

I have yet to meet any politician who is incorruptible.

And of course, lets not forget the collateral damage Mr. Edwards has given us guys. Just another example and thought to enter into a woman's mind as to whether the next guy is trustworthy? or the next John Edwards....

LegalMist said...

He always did seem a little too slick. I was glad he didn't win in Iowa.