Tuesday, June 9, 2009


That's right. The Insultatron says God has a crush on me. Hold the applause, please. I am more the modest type.

I know what you're thinking though and it's OK really, cuz I was thinking it too. Can you blame him?

The Insultatron is the ever knowing, ever insulting brain-child of my friend Poobomber/or God, as he is now known, over at The Other Side of Normal. Poo is a Seth Rogen-looking genius who never ceases to create a stir in the bloggersphere with his web pedigree. I think he got it right this time, because he may just be God.

Case in point. I got this beauty at his place a few weeks back, and I held on to it so that I could properly introduce you all to Poo. His stuff is da bomb, and his humor is completely uproarious. Back in the day-(last year)-Poo was self-employed and worked from home so he would regale us with two to three posts a day. Then, in the winter he became Dan Dan the Corporate Man and he could post only once a day, but never lost a step. Some of his greatest moments were in parodies of our very own former Commander in Chief-W.

I decided today was the day for Poo over at the Daily Dandy, so I went over there to drop him a line and let him know I still love him (I really do) and I was going to post big love right here today. In PERFECT Poo fashion, PT Barnum got his favorite sucker, yet again. To understand what I'm talking about you need to go HERE. Yes, once again, Poo's geinus cloaked me in gullibility.

Now-since I had already visited Zibsy's site before Poo's-And I was FIRST- you will notice that I had already read Zibsy's post and commented before I linked to the post over at The Other Side Of Normal. Oh the shame of being gullible and manipulated by a master. The funny thing is it took me a good 10 minutes to figure it out!!!


Run along little girl, your mommy is calling you. It's time for just the big kids to play.

Poo/God/Peebs/Dan, I love you.

And really, it's OK if you have a crush on me because I have one on you too.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Please don't insult Poo by likening him to Seth Rogan. I doubt Poo ever stares into the camera with a big, dumb pieface wearing a "who, me?" look.

I was hooked on the Zibbs thing, too, until I realized that he was playing the pronoun game. I guess my comment of "well played" should have gone to Poo, but eff it, I'm too lazy to go back and fix it.

BeckEye said...

In every picture I've ever seen of Poo, he's been wearing a "Who, me?" look. I think that's part of his charm. That, and he has the body of Brad Pitt.

Chris @ Maugeritaville said...

I'll have to go check his blog out. But Seth Rogen? Please. Rogen is currently in a neck-and-neck tie with Will Ferrell in the "Whose Movies Will I Never See Again" contest.

Some Guy said...

He got me pretty good as well. You gotta keep an eye on that sneaky bastard.

Slyde said...

i need to check him out...

Cora said...

Oh now I get it! The first time I saw Poo-God's Zibbs link it was blaming "Tom Seleck" and I had no idea who Zibbs thought Tom Seleck was. Turns out Poo thought I was Tom Seleck... I think...? Today it says "Cora" so now I get it. Man, would I have been FREAKED OUT if it had said my name the first time! Kudos Poo-God!!!!

Dr Zibbs said...

I was gonna send over Bill Pullman to kick his ass then I remembered that I liked him.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I thought we were married? 50% has struck again.

Heff said...

We ALL have a crush on you, Candy. Everytime I come over here, I get a DANDY !

Scope said...

I bit for a half second, too, then went trolling to see if I could find the code, because that has EVIL written all over it.

Fancy Schmancy said...

That was quite possibly one of the best practical blog jokes I've ever seen!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

man o man, i was at the blog of God and that damn robo cop thing creeped me out.

gave me the willies something fierce!

still creepy just seeing the still photo!

Poobomber/God/Dan said...

Have I mentioned lately that I [heart] all you guys?

Especially when you write a whole blog post about me!

Just a few comments:
1. I don't think I look like Seth Rogen at all, but if it helps get me boned, then yes, yes I DO look like Seth Rogen. Quite a bit, actually.

2. People have mixed feelings about the Insultatron, but that's because they're intimidated by being watched as they read my blog. Try having sex when he's looking at you, it's a real mood-killer.

3. I'm not quite 'corporate' yet, as I haven't learned how to suck my own peezer. But when I finally do, I'll make sure to notify everyone. In the meantime, I'll keep stretching.

4. If I had the body of Brad Pitt, I could probably attain #3 a lot easier.

5. I'm sure chuckling hard over the people I caught with that little prank. Please feel free to get me back, unless you know what's good for you!

6. I'm still [hearting] everyone.

Dutch donut girl said...

"Can you blame him"

Snort, haha yay! Self-confidence is the key :-)

Anonymous said...