Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sign Of Fire

I recently found out that I am a fire sign. I'm sure I knew this fact a long time ago, but I must have filed it away under Z in my brain. I should say that I recently realized that, yes, I was born under the sign of fire. It was then that it clicked. The fact that I am a fire sign explains alot.

This summer, my cousin and I were with our kids at the beach house on Cape Cod to enjoy some bonding time for a few days. Every night we would go down to the beach and light a small bon fire. We had it all set up. We had beach chairs, a cooler, all the fixin's for smores, and a rock pit and every night at dusk we would head down to the beach to light the fire. The kids loved it, but after about an hour, they had enough and retreated back up the house. My cousin and I would stay for hours, till the last of the wood was burned, having cocktails and talking. We still talk about how great those evening fires were and she often comments on my amazing "fire stoking" abilities. It was during one of those evenings that she reminded me that I am a fire sign.

I have always loved a fire. As a little girl, I was a Girl Scout and have fond memories of the camp fire. My outdoor fire pit is my favorite way to entertain my guests, sharing stories and cocktails. There is nothing more satisfying to me than, on a cold winter's night, lighting a fire in the fireplace and cozying up under a blanket in front of it. The flames put me under a trance and I could sit for hours, doing nothing more than watching the fire burn. Am I a pyro? Absolutely. My fire stoking skills go unmatched. I am constantly prodding and stoking the fire, adding just the right amount of wood to keep the flames alive. Now that I know where the love of the flame comes from, the puzzle is complete.

There are three fire signs in astrology: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. My son, my daughter and myself, respectively. (now I know why we fight each other on every little thing)

Wikipedia says, "According to astrological theory, fire signs represent the life-giving and vital force of the zodiac. The fire signs are termed positive and extroverted, and are supposed to be active, creative, ingenious, dynamic, and highly energetic. They are seen as the leaders and pioneers within humanity, possessing an assertive quality that allows them to act upon the thoughts of others extremely quickly."
In matters of the heart, fire signs are more passionate and committed than other signs. My guy is a water sign. Does this mean we cancel each other out? I don't think so. My water sign guy cut down a ton of dying trees last year in our backyard and had them chopped up into multiple piles of wood, so that his little "pyro" would always be ready to burn. He lights me fires all the time. I love that.
Like my sign, I am outspoken, anger quickly, and extremely passionate about things and people I care about. I am gregarious and friendly, with a competitive streak. I am loyal to a fault, and committed.

But since this past summer, I realized for me what it's all about. If you really want to win me over and get into my heart and my soul, just light me a fire.


Poobomber said...

Oh good, I like burning down 7-11's and warehouses, we'd get along just great!

Dr Zibbs said...

me love fire!

Gwen said...

Me, too! Check this out.

My word to verify: derriere. Not kidding.

LYDIA said...

My kind of post :)

I am an air sign. Look at what a team we are:

"Air signs' role is seen as providing the ideas that make the future different from the past, whereas fire signs carry out the actions necessary for this."

My husband is a Sag too :) The only other dual natured sign besides Gemini. Four personalities make for quite a good time.

BeckEye said...

There's nothing like the smell of a bonfire. Ahhhh I love it. It's one thing I hate about living in NYC, you never get to smell burning wood in the fall and winter. Just frozen urine.

I'm a water sign. I love the water but I don't swim well and I've always had a fear of drowning. Go figure.

LegalMist said...

As a fellow "fire sign" blogger, I agree:

Nothing beats a warm fire on a cold night.

Can't wait 'til it gets cold enough here to light a fire and sit up late drinking wine and watching the flames lick the logs...

Scope said...

Capricorn - Sea Goat - I smell like a wet goat.

Actually, while I don't ascribe to it, the Wiki description is darn accurate.

~E said...


Rejoice all pyromaniacs!

This is my excuse when people ask me why there are 700 candles all over my house and bedroom.

Joe D. said...

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, is that you? Lol.

R.I.P. Lisa btw

Bambi said...

I'm a LEO, and have been drawn to fire too! Odd how close to your personality the explaination actually is huh?