Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Goddess of the Skull

I got a thing for skulls. I like them. I really, really, like them. I like to wear them. They complete me. If I were a corporation, the skull would be my own corporate logo. You'd see the skull and think of me. Now before you go thinking that I'm all crazy, let me explain.

I've always liked the skull, even as a kid and especially at Halloween, but my true desire to be synonymous with the skull didn't come about until 3 years ago. That was just after the big "break-up" but before the big "D". I went to Amsterdam that summer with my best friend on my first trip to Europe and purchased this:

Thus began the dawn of the "Goddess of the Skull, Keeper of the Edge". Because Europe has always been a year ahead of us when it comes to trends in fashion, this was long before the influx of the crappy, cheap, commercialized skull paraphernalia flooding the market in the United States today. (I consider myself a skull purist and expert on all accessories of the skull) The funny thing about the belt was, it spoke to my edgy side. It was almost like a silent protest, or a reversed scarlet letter. I could almost feel it's power. It wasn't like I went all goth or anything, because the belt said all I needed to say silently, yet effectively. I wore that belt a lot and continue to do so regularly.

In the last decade, French designer Christian Audigier has built a fashion empire by marketing the designs of an LA tattoo artist named Ed Hardy. Unless you live under a rock, you've seen his brilliant, bright colored, tattoo art on every thing from t-shirts to luggage. Ed Hardy's specialty is my good friend, the skull. DonEdHardy.com is my mother ship and my expensive"skull habit" and I have found a home.

I am always ever so grateful when I receive a gift from someone who gets the fact that I love the skull and I have received so may great "skull" gifts in the past few years. The problem is that there is so much cheesey skull crap out there, that I have had to become somewhat of a skull snob. It has to speak to me, and when it does, there's no stopping me. I gotta have it.

These are just a few of my favorite skull things from my own"pirate booty":

This is a fabulous candle that my mom gave to me last Christmas. You can't see it but there is a tiny wick on the top of his head. I would NEVER burn it. I love it far too much! It is proudly displayed in my bathroom amongst the other black bathroom accessories. (creepy, I know!)

This is my favorite purse. It is a Thomas Wylde and the chain is the shoulder strap! Although you can't see it very well, my favorite part of this bag is hanging on the ends of the zipper enclosure strings; six anatomically correct lead skull heads. They are so tiny and cute! The bag also is lined in skull fabric and has a huge skull head laid out in metal grommets to display on the other side.

But my most treasured skull posession and personal possesion of all was a gift from My Guy. It was the first gift he ever gave to me, the first Christmas we shared together.

This wonderful Roberto Coin diamond encrusted skull and crossbones. I NEVER take it off. It is very special to me because somehow My Guy knew that skulls and diamonds were this girl's best friends.


Dr Zibbs said...

One of the functions of my old job was to track product trends in giftware (that included jewelry). Looks like you were on the cutting edge back then Candy. Also, I assume the picture of the guy on your blog is your new husband?

Slyde said...

wow... thats cool! i have always had a thing for skulls too. I still sometimes wear my skull and crossbones earing.

i guess we are destined to be together...

Poobomber said...

Damn Christmas gift giving blog entry hints.

LYDIA said...

Ok... first of all, great handbag! Love the color! I bet you were angry when skulls started showing up everywhere, and on everyone. I have a similar love for peacocks, and just feathers in general (so pheasant and such too) - anyway, I have always loved peacocks. I hate when it's fashionable to wear clothing or accessories with peacock feathers. I want to be the only one! lol. Lame, I know. But I do. Yesterday, I was searching eBay for Christmas gifts and I came across something amazing with a skull on it! I am trying to remember the brand, perhaps Monarchy? Salvage? Maharishi? Shit, I don't know. But if I come across it again - I will send it to you. It was amazing!

Oh, and could I get your address?

B.E. Earl said...

Where's your skull tattoo?

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Zibbs- The Goddess of the Skull is not married. My Guy is my #2 guy, second only to my #1 guy, my son.

Slyde-you and me together in the bond of the skull forever...

Peebs-Just call me the Queen of Subtle.

Lyds-I will e-mail you pronto!

Earlsie- sorry to disappoint dude, not my bag. I do, however, appreciate great works of ink from afar.

Some Guy said...

You, my dear, are a craniac!

Ooo, that was bad. Sorry.

MelO said...


Have you ever been over to WendyB's blog? She has this absolutely fabulous skull necklace that YOU MUST see! I love all of her stuff, but this particular piece reallyt stands out to me.

Go check it out! :)

Bambi said...

LOVE IT! I love your new site too, much easier to read, and bright, very fitting with the skulls, femanine and tough. :) That Belt might be THE neatest accessory i've ever seen online!

slopmaster said...

really dr zibbs? One of your old jobs was to track JEWELRY trend?

yea, I guess I can see it.

arghh to you, skulls are so last week!