Sunday, November 9, 2008

Please pardon any inconvienience during the construction...

Finally. "We will wait no longer for the crumbs at America's door...., (well just long enough till my next post) The day has arrived to vote to crown the first Candy's Daily Dandy Comment Content Comedy Hall of Famer. Hooray! I will be posting the top ten nominees and their gut-busting comments in the next few hours so keep checking!
Oh what a ride it has been!

Over the past 72 hours I have received many hilarious, obscene, outrageous, amazing and laugh out loud nominations for the Comment Content Comedy Hall of Fame. Let me first say a huge THANK YOU to all the bloggers who have participated. (I love you guys!)

This zany, fun filled, time consuming trip began on Friday when I spent the entire day gratuitously pimping myself out all over the bloggersphere. I am NOT ashamed to admit that I did some serious butt licking, trying to get the word out and on more than a few occasions I damn near made myself sick.
(Like when I was leaving Jon from Extraneous Kickassery a comment to get him to play-him being my Beantown homey and all-imploring a fellow member of the Nation (Red Sox Nation) to check it out. I read it back to myself and suddenly realized I had reached a new low by abusing the sanctity of the Nation and deleted it. )

But I did it for the integrity of the Hall of Fame and I would do it all again.

Was it worth it? Hell yes! We got some really funny stuff, so when the time comes, VOTE and VOTE often.

Of course I have my favorite's, as I am sure you do, and I couldn't begin to tell you who the winner will be. The suspense is just about killing me. BUT-I can tell you this:

This process will most certainly take you some time. (I oughta know since I have been doing this all fricken weekend) My suggestion would be to view the nominees when you have a free block of time to take them all in, uninterrupted.

The last thing I need to do is thank three of my favorite blogger people in the universe. Zibsy, Poobomber and Gwen. I want you three to know that I know there is no way I could have EVER even come close to getting the response that I got without your help and support. I offer you my sincerest gratitude.

Again, the games will begin in the next few hours. So, in preperation for the task at hand, I present you with a small sample of great comedic genius at work.

To thank my Big Three, I present these posts that have caused me, personally, laugh out loud moments that have sent my family running through the house to see what the heck was going on.

Zibbs-If a picture speaks a thousand words sir are the master.

Peebs- I am quite sure that there are far better ones, but this is the post that made me a complete The Other Side of Normal groupie.

Gwen-I didn't choose this one because it's about me-I chose it because it illustrates that special "Gwen'e sais quois" that I'm learning only you posses. I love how you put your little Gwenzie spin on my story. Check out my comment-( and can I get an honorable mention for that?)and never one to be out done-Gwen's response to my comment.

So, like Ahhnold in the Terminator-I'LL BE BACK!!!!


Some Guy said...

It's about time good comments got the recognition they deserve. I'm on the edge of my seat!

Dr Zibbs said...

In honor of what I hope will be a reagular feature on this blog, I'm asking all people that see me in person this week to say, "Look, it's Dr Zibbs, one of the Big Three."

Dr Zibbs said...

And one more thing. Who are the hotties in this picture?

Anonymous said...

No wonder construction work never gets done on time.

Heee, thanks for the kind words Candy - I'm stoked about the best comments - usually anything Zibbs says cracks me up so I hope he wins.

Also, I said 'stoked', not 'stroked'.

Anonymous said...

around me it seems that the women construction workers always hold the SLOW/STOP signs when entering a work zone. i think they do this on purpose to make sure people actually slow down, if just to catch a glimpse of the hottie.

Gwen said...

No need to apologize, sister, I'd have chosen one that was about me and you know it. I still can't believe you're going through with this. I'd have realized how much work it was going to be, deleted my blog, and started over under a pseudonym. Also, my doll still hasn't arrived. Can you run the tracking number and tell me where she is? I'm starting to worry.

Slyde said...

Now people are trying too hard to be funny and improvosational...

i did it when it was hip and cool and new :)

MelO said...

The suspense is KILLING ME!!

Weirdly enough my word verification is: holycon (I SWEAR!)

Lol... so I really hope this isn't all a con-job ;)

Jon said...

Oh I checked it out alright. But seeing as there were no Jon-related nominations, I assumed the contest was fixed, and decided to boycott it altogether.

I'm a petty, petty man. :)