Tuesday, November 11, 2008

McGone you be the McGreatest!


Congratulations to McGone!!! (*crowd cheering wildly*) for his big win in The Candy's Daily Dandy Comment Content Comedy Hall of Fame.
It was a great race and a BIG Daily Dandy congrats goes out to the winner and to all who were nominated.

But before all the pomp and circumstance takes place, and HRH McGone gives his acceptance speech and ascends to his Hall of Fame throne, I need to annouce the runners up.

1st runner up: Tie
Dr. Zibbs
This is an important role because if the winner, for any reason, can no longer perform his duties, the 1st runner up will take over and be crowned King or Queen. (If ,in fact, this does happen, I'll figure it out later.)
It was a close race, and for a while it looked like any one of these three (BeckEye, Zibbs and McGone) could take the crown.

2nd runner up: Zibbs
Zibsy pulled this one out ALL ALONE. Nice going Zibbs on your second honor in the contest.
3rd runner up: Four way tie.
Vodka Mom
Falwless, Suze, The Lady Who Dosen't Lunch, Whiskeymarie
There's actually more than four of you here, but what you people decide to do in the privacy of your own home's is really none of my business.
4th Runner up: Three way tie.
Pistols at Dawn
Oooh BeckEye, you naughty girl! Behave...
5th Runner up: Tie
Both strong multiple nominees in the competition. (I said multiple nominees, not what you were thinking. Pigs.)
6th Runner up: Tie
Word, Words, Words
Great work and congrats to you both on your first honor!
In the category of Honorable Mention the winners are as follows:
Dr. Zibbs (*crowd cheering wildly*)
Yup, that zany guy that is number one in your program and number one in your heart's!!! Zibsy when it comes to honor you reign SUPREME!! Congrats on your third win in this competition.
1st Runner up: Tie
Nice work ladies, congrats to you both and to Whiskeymarie on her third honor in the competition.
2nd Runner up: Three way tie
Some Guy
Falwless, Gwen, The Lady who Doesn't Lunch
Congrats to Some Guy and Kate on thier first victories! Props to Falwless, Gwen and The Lady who Doesn't lunch, all picking up their second nods. And-by the looks of things here, it looks like you could be Some LUCKY Guy. Discuss amongst yourselves.
3rd Runner up: Tie
Big Ben
Both new comers to my blog! Welcome and Congrats to you both on your first nods!
4th Runner up:
The Imaginary Reviewer
And the cheese stands alone. (I mean that in the best possible way-really.) Congrats to you on your first win!
So there you have it- again, Congratulations and a BIG FAT thank you to everyone who participated. I couldn't have done it without you all!
McGone- I just want to say to you-did I not call this?!! Yes I did!! Damn, I am good. Thank Gwen for pulling that gem out of her archives! Oh wait- you already did that on yesterday's post.
Anyway, Well done and I turn the podium over to you-You Be The KING!!!!


LYDIA said...

What is that children's song where they sing The Cheese Stands Alone, The Cheese Stands Alone? Hi-Ho-The Dairy-O?

BeckEye said...

Is this the part where I congratulate the winner and say it was an honor just to be nominated? God, my face hurts from smiling.

"...if the winner, for any reason, can no longer perform his duties, the 1st runner up will take over and be crowned King or Queen."

Hey, McGone, does the name Gillooly mean anything to you? Watch your back, son. Or your knee. Whatever. Just watch yourself.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Lyds-Hee hee love it!

BeckEye-HAHAHA!I swear it is freaky, because I was thinking someone was going to use the words,"Watch your back" while I was typing that.

Poobomber said...

Dear McGone:

On behalf of myself, my friends, and my family, I would like to congratulate you on your victory.

On behalf of just me though, I want to poo on your face for winning.

Best regards,

PS: My word ver is "millons", which is similar in spelling to the amount I'm assuming goes to the third runner ups, right?

Slyde said...

see? this is why i can never run for Mr. Universe....

i just cant handle rejection (sniff)

Gwen said...

Behind every great man is a great woman writing a stupid post so he can showcase his funny.

McGone said...

Wow, I didn't have anything prepared. let's see what I can come up with here...

First of all, I want to thank Candy for hosting this fantastic event. Pitting bloggers against each other is dangerous business because we all have such fragile egos, but you did it with dignity and class.

And to Gwen... where's Gwen? There she is. Gwen, we did it! This award is for you! But I'm keeping it on my mantle. Does anybody know anyone who makes mantles?

To my fellow nominees... As you know, it was an honer just to be nominated. But it's really an honor to win! I love you all. But I'll pass on the poo in my face.

Don't play that music! Do not play that music. I'm not done.

All right fine... We're all winners here, blah blah blah, Thank you, Good night!

McGone said...

Sorry, I was so flustered I made up a word. I, of course, meant "honor."

LYDIA said...

Poob: Wow! Nothing better than a Hot Carl. Wait, is it called a Hot Carl?

Poobomber said...

Hot Carl? Not sure WHAT that's called. Wait, how do YOU know???

My favorite is the Angry Pirate. (Not doing, just thinking about.)

Dr Zibbs said...

(rumbling from the back of the room)
Man near aisle: HE'S HERE!
Man next to him: Who?
Man near aisle: DR ZIBBS!!

(A gaggle of Asian ladies pull a gold covered rickshaw down the long aisle. Dr Zibbs, wearing his finest sequin cape emerges and approaches the podium. He playfully points his famous skull topped walking stick to Gwen and Flawless and mouths, "You two knew it was coing to this)

Dr Zibbs: Hi everyone.

(Crowd noise is deafening)

Dr Zibbs: (Holds his hand up to quiet crowd)

(Crowd obeys his order and shuts up)

Dr Zibbs: Hi everyone I'm....Well. You know who I am. First off. I'd like to thank Mcgone for taking first place. I did nominate him and I believe that the comment happened on my blog. It doesn't matter though. He won fair and square and if he did click a few extra times to vote for himself - who cares? It also doesn't matter that if you combine the Hall of Fame votes and the honorable mention votes, then I won. That's not important. What is important is some of these great comments got recognition.

(Crowd erupts. Most people are looking at each other and saying, "It's true, he's right.")

Dr Zibbs: So thanks Candy, thank you everyone and I'll be upstairs in the penthouse. You're all invited to my party. Totally free after you purchase a That Blue Yak T-shirt or mug at the door. Good night everybody!

Dr Zibbs said...

And not to be out done by McGone, I made up a word too . I meant to say "coming" not "coing" (that's what she said).

Poobomber said...

Holy Jesus, can we redo this to include Zibb's comment just now? I want to change my vote from my own comment to his.

Poobomber said...

Can't stop laughing at Zibbs.

Make it stop.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

I think we now have our first nomination for 09'. Who else but you Zibsy;) ???

Falwless said...

Niiiice, Zibbsy, niiiice. (P.S. I nominated you so, just fyi, I don't have to buy any of those shitty TBY trinkets at the door, comprende?)

McGone--You deserved this win. Your dedication to crafting the perfect comment is bar none. I hope you won't forget all the little people. And I don't mean midgets, I mean us fans who stood by you when times were leaner and meaner. Listen, I don't even know what I am saying, I just meant to express my congratulations. We love you, McGone. Okay fine, we like you quite a bit.

Some Guy said...

To all the winners, my hat's off. Job well done. As for me, today begins my training for next year's competition (cue Eye Of The Tiger getting tough montage).

words words words said...

I would like to congratulate McGone and also congratulate myself, because getting zero votes is just as difficult as winning. Let me tell you people, it's hard to calibrate the funny so precisely that you are good enough to be nominated yet garner no votes. It's a talent.

I should have voted for myself instead of Beckeye. She didn't even win!

Anonymous said...

A tie as the third runner up in the "not so honorable but we will mention them anyway category."

Truly an honor. Although my wife says it still won't get me a TBY t-shirt.

At least I wasn't beaten by Danny Bonaduce

Whiskeymarie said...

As a runner up, I'm just letting you know that I'm not bitter about being a "runner up". Not bitter AT ALL. I did NOT make Voodoo dolls of the other winners, like Gwen would have you believe. Such a liar, that girl.

As a show of my non-bitterness, I made all the people who placed higher than me some nice brownies (totally NOT laced with ex-lax), I brought the champagne (that powdery stuff at the bottom of the glass is fairy dust, not a roofie), and I brought a fine fruit basket (what? Fruit keeps you regular. Sheesh.)

Congratulations to all! (bastards.)

sista #2 said...


Anonymous said...

Dr Zibbs, as only Dr Zibbs could be, in his inimiatable and non-the-less flamboyant style.


slopmaster said...

sorry big ben, I tried. You are the funniest commenter I know.

Genius contest Candy, it sure got people involved.

pistols at dawn said...

That McGone character is a very worthy ruler over all. I bet he'll only let some of that power go to his head, and we'll still have weekends off from the salt mines.

Sure, I didn't win, but now it's like a wedding - I can hit on all the women who didn't "win" and are looking for some angry, sub par loving, which is what I'm best at.

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

My head hurts...

BeckEye said...

Fran, you did the right thing. Sort of. After you voted for me, you should've cleared out your cookies and voted for me again, then repeated that process about 10 more times. I would've done it myself, but I do have to live with myself and that would've made it too hard. I was counting on you. You let me down. Again. You'll never get in my pants now. You'll have to catch me on a day when I'm wearing a skirt.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Sweet. I'm paired with WhiskeyMarie. Who's the real winner now, McGone?

Anonymous said...

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Dr Zibbs said...

I just tweeted this link as my comments are even cracking ME up.

And I miss those good ole days. I wish everyone were still blogging.