Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tommy And Timmy

Tim Tebow? Really?

I'm not quite sure I get this one but who am I to question Bill. "In Belichick, We Trust" has long been the mantra around here, so I'm going to trust. So let's break this down for a second here:

  • We know the Tebow signing is not about the QB position. Or at least we think it's not about the QB position. If Tebow is going to ride the bench...again...I would say that would be a waste of money, talent and Tebow's career, and that would be a shame. I swear Mr. Belichick is smarter than that. Somebody knows something and I'm betting Bill and My Tommy have had more than a few conversations about how little Timmy can help the Pats figure out how to break the course of events over the past few years.
  • Pats offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, drafted Tebow back when he was with the Broncos and he believes in Tim and his abilities. I can't think of a better reason tho give this marquee boy, who has done a whole lot of nothing in his illustrious career a chance.
  • Can Tebow be effective catching short passes and red zone rushing? Possibly. There are a plethora of places Tebow could be effective playing: tight end, H-Back and it's possible Tebow could take a snap here and there to make things more mobile and far more interesting.

One thing's for sure: we will all play the guessing game till Tebow takes the field in his flying Elvis uniform come August. This is his last chance and he's got to know it. There's no better place for Tim to end up than with a future Hall of Fame coach and future Hall of Fame quarterback. Truth is nobody else wants him.

 Whatever happens, Bill Belichick will enjoy making liars out of all his detractors.
Tim Tebow's detractors, that is.


MarkD60 said...

I have the feeling there's more than meets the eye going on there too.

Scope said...

I know he WANTS to be a QB, but I sense a return of "Slash" and an offensive package with a "cat" name.