Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Was Just Thinking...

So have you heard about this thing?

It's called a SlingBox and I'm thinking about purchasing one. Slingbox works with placeshifting technology. Placeshifting technology allows you to watch your own, paid for programming from anywhere in the world using your laptop, pc or smartphone. Sounds cool huh?

Using Slingbox software, users can, get this: view live and recorded content, pause, record, fast forward and DVR all of their favorite recording from wherever they are IN THE WORLD! It even works in the same household, which gets rid of the need for a second cable box and or subscription.

I like it! My Guy will love it! He's a technology freak and this thing is an amazing piece of incredible technology. It turns any computer, tablet or smartphone into a second TV, with your own programming at your fingertips. So what's the catch?

It's pricey..

There are two models:
Slingbox 350- $179.00-which gives you pretty much all you would need, delivering your paid for programming in HD.

Slingbox 500-$299.00- which does all that and allows you to add and archive your own videos and photos.

As a Father's Day gift, this thing is going to be a huge hit! And I'm thinking My Guy will have an absolute field day playing with this thing. I should probably get the 500-
Do any of you own one of these?
What do you think of it?

Help me out here-
Which one should I get bloggers??


MarkD60 said...

It's very old technology. We had one years ago at the radio station to send audio over to the transmitter on the other island.
I don't think you'll like it as much as you think you will. I think it's obsolete too.

MarkD60 said...

PS, I've never seen one before or after, till now, on your blog.

the walking man said...

I'd try to get to a retailer (best Buy or wherever they are sold at) and actually give it a hands on whirl. And as for which one...what's the difference between the two and if you think he'd like the additional power or features go for the 500. Unless of course for mothers day he gave you a new mop and bucket...then I'd just give him a can of car wax and some clean cloths and directions to your car.

Has anyone told you yet? You are my love child from long long address for fathers day is...