Thursday, June 6, 2013

He's Bringing Sexy Back..2

So I'm watching Good Morning America this morning and I see this piece on Will 
and Jayden Smith and their multi-million blockbuster new movie that Will wrote, 
produced and stars in with his son, "After Earth".  The boys are charming and 
friendly and looking like they a having a great time! Who wouldn't when 
Hollywood is literally at your feet.  For the Smith family it would seem that 
life is good.

I then remember an article I read earlier that was highlighting the movie's 
"dismal" first weekend at the box office. The article revealed "After Earth" 
finishing a disappointing third at the box office garnering a mere $27 Million 
dollars. It seems fair enough to criticize the plot and the story line, even 
questioning the movie's motive as a vehicle for Scientology, Will's chosen 
spiritual path.  It seems fair that they panned the actors too. Will for his 
extreme ego and Jayden for his acting chops. After all, actors are open to 
criticism. Its part of the job. Among other things, the movie has been panned 
for "extreme nepotism" and likens it to buying your child "an expensive Ducati 
that he hasn't yet learned to ride".  I have not seen the movie, nor will I, 
unless it comes On Demand very soon and the reason is that Sci-Fi just isn't my 
favorite genre. So I will reserve judgement on the film.

I will say that what I see here is a dad and his son, getting to spend time 
together "working" under the best of  circumstances. Will and Jayden screened 
the film for some military families, posed for pictures, answered questions and 
made the film experience a bit more meaningful for these people and they were 
clearly enjoying every minute of it. (which I get isn't at all that hard)   
Jayden  was asked by an interviewer what it was like to be experiencing this all 
with his dad? Before he could answer, his dad  butted in with a somewhat tongue 
and cheek, "What's it like for you, a little guy, to be experiencing this with a 
big, strong presence like a huge Hollywood box office star?" The message to me 
here was loud and clear: Big Daddy just keeping his little boy in check.  

The idea of father and son, traveling the globe together, working, sharing and 
being together, no matter what they are doing, is a great example of the family 
bond and a great example to all of us of family unity. 

And if that ain't sexy, I don't know what is. 


B.E. Earl said...

A weird twist to the Smith's story is that Jaden reportedly requested to be emancipated as a minor on his next birthday. Nothing has really been said by anyone in the family if the story is true or as to why he might want that. They seem to be a happy family, so it must be something else. Or not true. Still...odd.

MarkD60 said...

Dang, only $27 million the first weekend? They're going to starve!