Monday, June 24, 2013

The Wonder Of It All

Wonder if it really could be that easy?

If you press the button above what you will find is a very clever, very cute and catchy advertisement for the beloved childhood companion, the Oreo cookie. The idea behind the brilliance of this spot is simple: If you gave an Oreo to a Vampire or a huge one-eyed octopus about to swallow up a boat containing the three little pigs, would they stop and enjoy the treat? Then would they pass that same wonder along? And what would happen if they did? It begs the question: How would it change they end of the story?

So, maybe they have stumbled onto to something here. Can it be that simple? Could the wonder of one of America's favorite dessert staples change the course of history? And what if that wonder really could? What if world leaders ate Oreos at world summits? Would there be no war? What if Oreos were passed out to all impoverished countries? Would there be no starvation? Maybe we should pass out Oreos in places with high crime rates like Detroit and South Central LA. Then, would the Crips and The Bloods still exist?

Maybe if Edward Snowden ate an Oreo, there would be no man hunt today. Paula Deen's Oreo probably would have saved her hundreds of thousands in legal fees and if Whitey and the gang gorged themselves on Oreo cookies, there would be a lot more people alive today.

Oreo cookies, the elixir to peace?

I guess now I kind of understand all of the hub bub surrounding Twinkie's come back on to the store shelves. Could the presence of Twinkies next to Oreo's on our supermarket shelves really change someone's destiny?I'm not sure, but for me they will now be seen as something that can produce wondrous results.


MarkD60 said...

Cute ad.


Scope said...

What? No double stuffs? That's almost passive agressive.

the walking man said...

I could go for that but then wall street would monetize them and they would be traded on the futures market eventually making them way to expensive for them of peace desiring state of mind to afford. Then of course instead of oil or land humans would simply have to...wareo over Oreos.