Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fade To Black

  • He will always be remembered as Tony Soprano. With yesterday's news of the passing of actor James Gandolfini in Rome, Italy (how fitting) at the young age of 51, it's as if Tony Soprano got whacked. And now we will never know what really happened after that "fade to black" moment at the end of the series finale of "The Sopranos". It seems so tragic that the actor's life was cut so short. Somehow, Tony Soprano had more to do. In a way, he was every man's Tony Soprano. 

  • Strange goings on here involving New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. Police found the body of a 27 year old Dorchester man who was shot in a car less than a mile from Aaron Hernandez's North Attleboro home. The car the man was found in was rented to the Patriot's tight end Hernandez. Police later spent hours searching the Hernandez home. He has not been named a suspect in the ongoing investigation...yet. Discuss...

  • I'm exhausted from staying up watching all the Bruin's overtime games! We lost a tough one last night, but the B's comeback to put the game into overtime showed heart and courage and skill!! I'm enjoying every minute of it and I predict a cup VICTORY!!

  • "Kimye" baby, spawn of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian still has no name! Or no name that we know of yet. Which is HA-LARIOUS! This whole "we need privacy please" thing is just not working for them. The Kardashian's would have an enema on TV if it meant lots of dollar$$$ and now Kimmy has decided that she and Kanye's baby are going into hiding? I can't say I blame her. This is the way it should be. All I'm saying is the machine that is Kardashian will put pressure on Kimmy to have baby in the spotlight more often, causing Kanye to back away from Kimmy even more than he already has, leaving Kimmy alone as a single mom.  AND I also predict that "Donda" will appear somewhere in baby Kimye's name. (Donda was Kanye's mom's name. She passed during a routine cosmetic procedure in 2007)

Please, discuss amongst yourselves..


MarkD60 said...

It was shocking that James Gandolfini died.

SkylersDad said...

Watching this great series between the blackhawks and bruins has only further reminded me of how fucking hopeless the avalanche are right now.

the walking man said...

Yeah I am sorry James Gandolfini passed now he will never be able to do the part in a novel I wrote that would have been just right for him. Jaysus though seriously 51? No prior indications of a heart problem? Bummer for his wife and family.

Uh the Hernandez thing, I guess I shouldn't have just glanced at the headline. Just glad it wasn't a car rented to my employer who lent it to me.

K&K *shrug* The baby, I predict, will be named Money Stream or Donda Cashflow because ol' K admitted paternity and there is a need for child support so K can lose the extra baby tonnage, get a newer Bentley and matching outfits for their 16 TV shows.