Friday, February 1, 2013

Ode To My Birthday Boy

The Golden Years are here at last!

I cannot see.
I cannot pee.
I cannot chew.
I cannot screw.

My memory shrinks.
My hearing stinks.
No sense of smell.
I look like hell.
Yeah, the Golden Years have come at last,
and the Golden Years can kiss my a*s!

Happy Birthday to My Guy!
And don't worry baby, I'm right there all Golden next to you...


Heff said...

Thoroughly depressing, lol.

Lucia said...

this great ode to Golden Years...

Lucia said...

ps Happy Birthday!

MarkD60 said...

I am beginning to formulate the opinion that you are a highly twisted individual.
I like that in a girl!
neythx 74

the walking man said...

And because I believe I have a few on you let me add that the shit doesn't get any better. But I hope your birthday was filled with the wonder of life and the humor of the golden dufus you live with.

Scope said...

I hope you gave your guy a HUGE SMILE for his birthday.

If you know what I mean.