Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Emily Post 101: A Survey

Is emailing a thank you note acceptable etiquette? The answer may surprise you.

The experts say handwritten thank you's are still tops, but there are exceptions to the rule. According to Emily Post, a handwritten note is preferred for gifts, but if the gift comes from a close friend or relative an email note is acceptable. The other exception is a thank you for a job interview. In that case an email thank you is highly encouraged and can aid your chances for the position.

I would venture to guess that in this wired age of technology, easy and instant email communication with another individual is not only acceptable, but eco-friendly. What would all the "greenies" say to Emily Post?

I will admit that I love a quick note in my inbox, expressing gratitude and well wishes, but I also understand the impact of a note taken from pen to paper. The handwritten note has become a lost art form. I read once that Princess Diana was a stickler for thank you notes. She always hand wrote her thank you's and always within 24 hours of the gesture. Blue bloods steeped in tradition, but it drives home the point about the importance of saying thank you.

Tell me what you think.


MarkD60 said...

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Sorry, thank you and goodbye.
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Kenneth Noisewater said...

I think you gotta go with a handwritten note, and if you send something via email, you had better write something heartfelt and sincere in that thing. That's just me . . .

Dr Zibbs said...

I love handwritten notes. I used to make crazy homemade postcards and mail them to friends when I was in college. My one friend recently found a box of them.

Heff said...

For the record, word verification pisses me off, too.

And I just snail mailed you a card that states that - in a loving, heartfelt manner.

SkylersDad said...

Electronic notes all the way, with glittery graphics and unicorns pooping rainbows!

the walking man said...

Thank you for asking.

*shrug* Most folks i'd rather hear their voice.< my thoughts.

Scope said...

I think it depends on the circumstances, totally. I am very poor about getting things in the mail. I have a birthday card in my bag for a friend's birthday last week. I'm much more likely to get an email thank you out there.