Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Just like the legendary John Cougar Mellencamp song says, you have to hold on to "sixteen as long as you can", and those changes will come around real soon making us all women and men for sure. Sam (a reinstated Chord Overstreet) knows this only too well, as he had to become a man real fast by becoming a stripper (named White Chocolate) to help support his family. Rachel and Finn convince Sam and his parents, (was that Luke Duke from Dukes of Hazard?) to let him stay with them and help the Glee club win sectionals.

Quinn, armed with her dirty little secret about Puck and Shelby sleeping together, decides she's going to hold on to her quest to destroy Shelby's life and get Beth back. Interestingly enough, it is Rachel who provides Quinn with the morality lesson she needs to change her course. She tells Quinn that by getting Shelby fired and Beth taken away from her, she would only be destroying Beth's life in the process.

The boys are pretty much all that is left of the New Directions, save for Tina and Quinn, (Rachel has been suspended from sectionals because of last weeks disciplinary action) so they take control but not without controversy. They immediately clash over dance choreography, resulting in a division of Finn and Blaine. Finn, always the moral grown up, admits to Blaine that he has been hard on Blaine because he was jealous of his "crazy talent". They align and decide to do whatever it takes to win Sectionals.

Sam seeks out Mercedes and lets her know he is hot for her and that he will fight to get her back, which I hope happens soon, because Mercedes had been short in the story line lately and she is one of my favorites. Tina decides that she is going to be a "Tiger Girlfriend" to Mike and she goes to see Mike's dad. With a bit of attitude, she tells a displeased Mr. Chang that Mike was born to dance and that he should be allowed to pursue his dream and "honor his gift".

Then we get to the best part of last night's episode: THE MUSIC!

Starting with Sam's triumphant return song, "Red Solo Cup." This Toby Keith song I was not familiar with, but I thought Sam's vocals were spot on as he sang this fun and light hearted song. The subject matter was perfect and it was nice to see Sam back with the New Directions.

Sectionals were held at McKinnley High, the first time since 1963, and the show opened with the show choir The Unitards, singing "Buenos Aires", Madonna. Glee project co winner Lindsay Pierce lead the Unitards in this Vegas style performance. I think this girl has crazy talent and is destined to be a star.

The Trouble Tones took the stage, but not before pissing off the New Directions by announcing before that after the New Directions loose, they can join the Trouble Tones for Regional. They performed a new twist on an old classic by mashing up "I Will Survive/Survivor". This was great and got the crowd going. With plenty of high energy vocals and lots of "hairography" the Trouble Tones put on quite a show.

They always save the best for last, and The New Directions did not disappoint. 3, count em, 3 songs, all Jackson songs, "ABC/Control/Man In The Mirror" just about performed to show choir perfection. Tina, Blaine, Kurt, Finn, Quinn, Artie and even Mike Chang all had their moment in the spotlight. Seriously, can we have more Artie? The guy has one of the best voices in the cast and most of the time he is seriously under utilized. But not here. It is for sure my Download Pick Of The Week and no surprise that The New Directions took home first place.


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Glee post!

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