Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Embarassing Truth

It happens to all of us.
It even happens to celebrities.

We are not perfect, we all fall.

This is a very recent picture of the glam Salma Hayek, when she fell leaving a building with her daughter. It happened to me very recently, also and like Salma, it happened somewhat publicly.

Long story short, I was a a memorial service for a dear friend's family member. My dear friend came to me in the church after the touching service for a hug and as I rose to embrace her, my leg got caught awkwardly and I fell backward not so gracefully. I think I saw a few people chuckling.

It makes us human and it makes us vulnerable, and it keeps us in check.

We are not perfect, Lord knows that's the truth.


The Dental Maven said...

Hey Girl, Totally understand...as you may recall The Mave took a not so graceful seat on Her Operatory Floor right in front of a patient. http://www.thedentalmaven.com/2010/05/rofl-literally.html

Yup...keeps us all "grounded," if you will... :-)

Heff said...

I make it a point to fall at least ONCE WEEKLY, usually due to beer consumption.

Furtheron said...

Failure isn't falling down it's staying down

Can't remember the origin of that quote (as ever for me it is engrained in my head since it is a Marillion lyric) I love that one

Scope said...

Maybe those people needed that chuckle at the very moment, and God knew you would be a good vessel.

Wil said...

No, Salma Hayek is perfect, she can do no wrong.

Anonymous said...

I am just sitting here wondering..."Did she take the kid with her on her trip?"

Cora said...

Yep. Been there. Grace is NOT my middle name.

Jim said...

It's those dangerous shoes you people wear, I'm telling you . . .

Plus, you can clearly see the girl's outstretched hand, having just pushed her. She looks so innocent, too, in her little Mary Janes.