Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hollywood Came Calling

I love this story.

Seems this average Joe, Bob Gray, and his girlfriend moved from Cleveland to LA earlier this year. When Bob signed up for a local cell phone number, he got one that changed his life. Bob inherited an old number of a famous and well connected Hollywood insider.

"The next day I get a text message," says Gray. " 'Hey man, I just saw your sh*t on TMZ.' " Surprised, he text back, "Whose number do I have?"

Gray quickly realized he had hit A List gold. He says he got a text from none other than Paris Hilton herself, inviting him to her celebrity birthday party and dozens of offers for Hollywood premiers and parties. He explained who he was and the situation to Paris, who immediately put them on her guest list. Gray says he and his girlfriend "rolled up" to the Hollywood Hills mansion where the party was in their rusted, old Dodge mini van. Security, ready to pounce, asks him for his name and then checks the list.

"He goes, 'Hang on.'

"We're wondering if we're really on the list.

"The guy comes back: 'Yeah. You're on the list.' I think he was amazed."

The phone, with all it's Hollywood connections, belonged to none other than Nick Swardson, and through the phone he has connected with Kathy Griffith, Andy Dick, Kevin Nealon and none other than Adam Sandler. Bob says a call came through with a distinctive voice her recognized to be Sandler. They had a few chuckles and then discussed writing a screenplay about the whole thing. Gray now has a talent manager and a screen writing partner and are hard at work on just that; this unbelievable story of fate.

Only in Hollywood can you make a dream materialize from a cell.


B.E. Earl said...

I had to look up Nick Swardson. That guy gets calls from Adam Sandler and texts from Paris Hilton? Wow.

the walking man said...

Kizmet...sometimes things are just meant to be.

Heff said...

Holy D-List party, LMAO !!!

Furtheron said...

Problem I would have had is not knowing who any of the celebs were :-)

sybil law said...

I'm gonna have to google Nick Swardson, but that is a pretty cool story!!

Wil said...

I do know who Nick Swardson is and I am entirely proud of that. This whole thing does sound like it would be kind of fun though.

Wil said...

LMAO! That was supposed to say "NOT entirely proud of that"