Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hot Or Not

So yes, I saw these on TV.

Pajama jeans? I decided to inquire further. At first glance these look to be faux designer jeans and nothing that would peak my interest but I have to admit I was curious. Made from a blend of cotton and denim, these faux jeans claim to be so comfortable that you can sleep in them. (I might have slept in my jeans a time or two, but it wasn't because I thought my jeans were "super comfortable")

With "butt lifting" European stitching and a mock zip front, the brass rivets and the designer look of these jeans could fool even the best fashion expert. Or could it?

I decided to ask a trusted group of friends their opinion:

"those are gross," one exclaimed.

"Sooo not!" said another.

But being a journalist at heart, I had to argue the two sides.

For the NOT:

  • They look fake and cheap. (are they? I have yet to hold said garment in my hands so these are just observations based on what I saw on TV)

  • They have their own infomercial. Need I say more?

  • Would you DIE if someone on the street stopped you and said, "Oh my God, aren't those the pajama jeans??"

For the HOT:

  • If you have a killer figure and your ass looks good, does it really matter what the jeans are made of?

  • Comfort. Does comfort trump fashion? (not in my mind, ever)

  • Price. At $39.99, is this a great way to steal a fashion trend? Some designer jeans run up to $280.00. If she is rockin' jeans at $39.99, who looks the fool then?

In the end, I can't decide.

Can you believe it? Me, who has all kinds of opinions when it comes to fashion. I couldn't help but see both sides of the designer jeans debate. I guess if you look good in them, it doesn't really matter what they are and if Angelina Jolie were photographed wearing them, they might become the next greatest fashion trend. Then lots of naysayers would be caught with egg on their face.

Would I ever wear them?

Hell no, but I never said I wasn't a fool.


A.K. said...

Your ass would look great in anything but I do have to ask, Are those BugleBoy jeans you're wearing?

Heff said...

I played with a pair, lol.

If the girl's got a killer body, I don't care if she's wearing a BURLAP BAG.

madtexter (corey james) said...

The first time I heard of these I thought the idea was ridiculous. Then I saw a girl wearing them down the street a few weeks ago, my thoughts were reconfirmed. They are nasty.

The Dental Maven said...

Oh. My. Word.
The Maven wouldn't be CAUGHT DEAD IN THEM!!!

Scope said...

Well, are they any different than "yoga pants", "shorts bras as a legit top" or other "lounge wear" that women try to pawn off as clothes to wear in public?

This from a guy who went out shopping tonight in a tie-dye T-shirt, khaki shorts, and deck shoes. (It was like 40° out. Why bundle up?)

the walking man said...

Do they come with a set of booty pop panty's?

Wil said...

I saw a young woman wearing them the other day and she looked damn good in them. I think the thing that makes it IS the utter fakeness of them.

MarkD60 said...

For me the "AS SEEN ON TV" logo means "not hot" but if you're there looking and they seem ok, then OK. Just don't let anyone know they're "AS SEEN ON TV", you have to be the only one who has them for them to be cool.
People who think they're cool because they are cloned up with the millions of "cool" people aren't cool at all, they're sheep.

Denis Verdecia said...

Candy! I am going to say it here and now....

....The answer is NO!

First off, there is no woman on the planet who needs Butt Lifting Technology, unless it were my hands doing the lifting.

So no...I would not wear them. And yes, I would laugh and not take anyone woman serious who would...

Just my two cents....