Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Older Than Dirt II

Dang, the body just isn't moving like it used to.

As much as I hate to admit this, after a fabulous, fun filled day of touring the big city of New York, shopping in Soho and then driving back home to Boston, all in the same day, Little Miss Fabulous isn't feeling so fab after all.

I felt like a Mack truck hit me this morning.

The only consolation is that Frick reported to being entirely exhausted today, so maybe that means I'm only as half as old as I feel. The good news is that New York was a rejuvenating experience. The dirt and grime of the smelly taxi's was like an elixir for the soul no matter how tired that soul is. Frick has declared that she felt like "she was home" at NYU and could "totally see herself here". Oh boy, and I can only watch as this tiny transformation takes place before my eyes. She's shaping her life, and making grown up decisions about the planning of the next four years. Exciting stuff really, but I'm getting the feeling that Frick is not going to meet a college campus that she didn't like. She likes the prospect of becoming an adult.

Which makes me feel old.

And the wedge heels I traipsed around the streets of New York in yesterday are today making me feel ancient. Please don't tell me Easy Spirts are the way to go because I'd rather die a noble death in my heels than give in to bad fashion. But don't stick a fork in me just yet. Old can be sexy and if I'm gonna be old, than I'll have to be the best old lady that I know how to be. Old ladies are biker chic, riight??

Ok, I'm beginning to like this new outlook on old. Leather studs, grommets and my favorite things in the world, skulls! Thigh high boots and Harley's? Hell yeah! Maybe it's not over for me just yet.

Yup, I'm re-thinking this whole Old Lady thing.


sybil law said...

Yeah - walking around in heels on concrete all day can be uber painful.
But damn, I know you looked good, so WIN.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the old bod is still rockin!

Jim said...

Just load her down with as much Red Sox swag as she can carry, if she ends up going to school in the shadow of the Evil Empire.

My latest getting-old/child-milestone was driving my son to school for the last time yesterday [sniff] . . . we leased a new car for his mother on Sunday, so her car is now his, and he's free. From falling asleep in his car seat, contentedly sucking away on his pacifier, on the way home from daycare . . . to the last "see you later, after practice," it's been a nice ride, little buddy :-(

[p.s. --- What helped keep me from getting choked up, when I dropped him off yesterday, was focusing on what a total pain in the ASS it is to run him to school every morning at 6 for football lifting, and waiting around late at night for the bus to return from away games :-) ]

Heff said...

"Leather studs, grommets and my favorite things in the world, skulls! Thigh high boots and Harley's? Hell yeah!"

- You DON'T WANNA KNOW what I just used to click on the "publish" button !

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Awwww Heff! I miss you terribly!!!!

Heff said...


Scope said...

Candy, any chance of getting a picture of that new outlook? ;-)

And don't let her get her mind made up until you guys check out Northwestern and DePaul. (And Wrigley Field!)