Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Circling The Waters

Someone shoulda wore one that said "Jumped Shark".

You know I love me some Glee.

But last night was not the best episode I've ever seen. What's going on here with what used to be the best show on TV?

Rachel needs a nose job when Finn dorkily punches her in the face during dance rehearsal? Coulda saw that one coming. Poor suffering Rachel does not like what she sees when she looks in the looking glass. Which, of course, turns into this week's lesson. Embrace your least likable qualities because they make you unique. And evidently annoying too. WHO gets the consent of their Glee club before deciding to get a nose job?

Queen Quinn decides that Prom Queen is the only way she and Finn will reach the top of the social hierarchy, so she begins a full out campaign and will take down anyone who tries to stop her. Finn and Quinn are so sickeningly annoying in the choir room, that I want to scream and Santana is at her evil best as she hatches a plan to get Kurt back to McKinnley to win the votes of everyone for Prom Queen. A closet lesbian/Lebanese, she figures out that Karofsky is gay and threatens to out him or be her "beard" so that they can both hide the fact that they are gay behind their relationship.

Is everybody on Glee gay? It certainly seems that way.

Lauren and Puck decide that they too are throwing their hats into the Prom King and Queen contest and Lauren digs up the dirt on Quinn. Seems she was a fat, awkward kid named Lucy who got teased at her old school. Story is that she lost weight, got a nose job and bleached her hair and "Lucy Caboosey" is a thing of the past. Until Lauren pastes her Lucy image all over the school. And this is endearing? More like ridiculous.

McKinnley and the Glee club get Kurt back, but not before a serenade at McKinnley High from Blaine and The Warblers. The way I see it right now, The Warblers are the only redeeming thing about last night's episode and the prospect of no Darren Chriss/Blaine Warbler music is depressing at best.

Last night's message, while well intended, got lost in a sea of sub par music (save for "Somewhere Only We Know"/Warblers and "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty"/Quinn and Rachel ) and mixed messages. Even Gaga anthem, Born This Way, was un-extraordinary, at best.

When did my favorite show jump shark?


Jim said...

Hmmm . . . I missed it, due to our 2nd JV game in as many nights, with two more games before the weekend. Sounds like I'll pass on watching the recording this week, though.

In other news . . . why are the Sox the hottest team in baseball until they come here, where I can see them, finally, and THEN play like they all have a stomach virus?


Heff said...

They ALL should wear shirts that say "Show Sucks".

That show jumped the turd on episode 1.

BeckEye said...

Yeah, I just bitched about "Glee" too, for a SECOND time.

Still looking forward to the return of Groff, though!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Jim-Yeah, dont bother. It was not stellar, but neither was the Sox game nor the B's.

Heffy-whoo hoo! I'm jumpin turd today!!!

Becks-The build up for Jesse is excruciating!!! Cuz Quinn and Finn are making me barf, PLEASE bring back some sexual tension between Rachel and Finn by adding Jesse. PLEASE.

Mrs. Hall said...

i think the thing that irritated me the most, was that the one whole exchange b/t the bigger girl and the blonde. when the blonde was all, "I once was big and ugly, then I took ballet and got a nose job and I"ll never go back." The WHOLE SPEECH IRRITATED THE FUCK OUT OF ME. (sorry for the french).

because she was was talking to the big big big big girl. and that big girl is SO UNHEALTHY. and the blonde had taken steps to be healthy but it was potrayed that THE STEPS SHE TOOK WERE TOTALLY UNHEALTHY. like taking care of yourself is A GD CRIME.

it irritated me to no end.

ok, whew! I feel better

sybil law said...

I'm with Heff! :D