Friday, December 3, 2010

A Dandy Anthem

Music tends to speak to my soul. I have always danced to the beat of my own drummer, so when I heard a little ditty recent it seemed to speak directly to me, and that doesn't happen very often. I quickly decided that this was my new "anthem", a song I could be proud to call my own.

After all, "you're not the boss of me" would probably run through the movie trailer track of my life, as it is one of my favorite responses to any inquiry I'm not particularly fond of. So if there is a sound track to accompany the movie of one's life, this song would most certainly run through the opening credits.

Happy weekend bloggers! Don't let anyone be the boss of you this weekend.


The Dental Maven said...

Happy weekend to you too, Candy!!

SkylersDad said...

have a great weekend, and dont let anybody walk over you.

sybil law said...

Sarah Bareilles is pretty cool - I had to listen to the one song... I can't think of it now.. over and over for my kid.
(I have a frigging cold and I swear it's gone straight to my bran!)
Anyway - have a great weekend!!

the walking man said...

I was king of everything until I got married then the king was forced to abdicate to the queen. hahahahahaha Thinking about your request Candace I have to figure a metaphor that fits.

Furtheron said...

Like the new anthem... I'll have to write something anthemic I think ready for the huge stadium gigs :-)