Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm devastated.

This is a black day at the Daily Dandy. I just heard the news.

In case you weren't aware of my obsession with Tommy please refer here.

My BFF and I had this text exchange no more than ten minutes ago.

HER: Brady's off the block.

ME: Who r your sources???!!! I read it in the Boston Globe today and it is unconfirmed!!! (the rumors about the engagement have been swirling for months-all confirmed as rumors and NOT true)

HER: People dot com


HER: Yup. lol small intimate ceremony...Sorry bic

ME: (still holding out hope that it's just a rumor) I'm going to check it out right now.

(after a good six or seven minutes)
ME: I just puked! Oh nooooooo, why? Why? Why? I'm devastated. Bitch. He just ruined his image. Now he's just a pussy-whipped has been. OMG-did I just say that??(see how devastated I am-I resorted to that level of LOW-forgive me Tommy)

HER: (forever my bestest friend-trying to console me) No worries at least he married quality.

ME: If she fucking jinxed his career I will stalk and kill the bitch MYSELF.*

All I am left with is this: WHY???

*Of course I would NEVER kill Giselle or any other living creature. I'm a pacifist whose just mad as hell right now.


Sassy Britches said...

Oh, the devasTAtion! Calming thoughts your way! And hope that karma skips him!

Scope said...

Didn't he used to play football? I heard he retired from the Jets again.


Slyde said...

you know whats funny? as soon as i heard about that last night i thought of you.

usually i think about you at night for different reasons...

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...


SkylersDad said...

I felt the same way when Heidi Klum went and married Seal.

Giggle Pixie said...


B.E. Earl said...

He already was a has-been.

C'mon...when is the last time the dude won an MVP or a Super Bowl? 2...3 years? Has-been.

It's Just Me said...

Don't you hate when they do that stuff to us? Don't they know how we feel about them? Seriously...

Hope tomorrow goes better.

The Blue Ridge Gal said...
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The Blue Ridge Gal said...

Poor Tom... now he'll get a pot belly and have to take out the garbage every night on command.

Sorry he broke your heart... :-(

btw... thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your kind words... Always appreciated.

The Blue Ridge Gal

mike said...

My girlfriend (who doesnt like sports) called to tell me the BIG news while I was driving to work today at 5am. My reaction? Who cares! It's funny how two people can love the same man for different reasons.

Cowguy said...

Candy... I don't know who these people are but to just be your buddy, I'm gonna share your anger and horror and 3 other unnamed emotions.


Cheryl said...

I can't even talk about this.

.. I'm going to go cry.

Chloie said...

I'm sad too! But Giselle, how can we compete with her?

Sass said...

Well, look at the bright side.

Even though Tom Brady's off the market, maybe you could check in with Greg or Bobby?


emanobop said...

I know what you're going through...A girl feels bad when her celebrity crush just gets taken off the market, believe me -I'm still reeling from the fact that Hugh Jackman is married, even though I found out a long time'll survive ;)

Elenka said...

OMG, you have my sympathy. Sometimes those marriages don't last, you know. Hang in there.

Thanks for visiting my blog, Downeastdoingstuff.
Thanks so much for the compliments. Nah, I don't show my work, I'm told I should many times, but that is a very time consuming thing to do. I teach full time, I actually have a Christmas sale at my school of all my work to the faculty,cheap, and they are nice enough to let me know they actually like my work and lay down money to prove it. But that's it at the moment.
Snow storm, too?

Fancy Schmancy said...

My sincere condolences on your loss...

BeckEye said...

Ha ha were the first person I thought of when I heard the news!