Monday, December 31, 2012

Candy Does NOT make a Dandy Swami

OK, so I'm new at this.

Remember back this year, on January 3rd, a mere 363 days ago, I made some predictions for the year 2012 here?

Well, boy did I SUCK at it. Out of the five predictions, only one and a half of them were on the money. That's pretty bad and if I were a betting woman, I would not bet on me.

Lets go over them point by point, shall we?

I predicted:

  1. Mitt Romney will defeat Barak Obama for the Presidency of the United States. Yup, I just see it, like you know how you visualize winning a race or scoring a goal? I just see Mitt as our next leader of the free world. This is by no means an endorsement of any candidate or political party by Candy's Daily Dandy. This is just a feeling, a hunch and I could totally be wrong.
Boy was I wrong...BUT, I'll take solace in knowing that I'm not the only one who may have thought this to be true at that time. I had a 50-50 shot at it and I was wrong. OK, so I better not quit the day job. I get it.

Next up, I perdicted:

2. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will get married. This one's kind of a no brainer. I'm not the smartest or most incredible swami for making this prediction, I'm just a mother and a woman and right around, kind of, the same, not exactly but sort of the same age as the Hollywood power couple. Since they have 6 kids together and family is their number one priority, the next logical and romantic step is to make it legal. Really, who are they going to move onto? Both are the top of their demographic when it comes to picking a partner of the opposite sex, so it only makes sense. Plus, there is nothing more romantic or fulfilling. Again, just my opinion.

So this is the one that I got HALF right. Brad and Angie didn't get married this year, but they did get engaged. Brad put a ring on it and maybe next year we will see the wedding. Maybe not. Maybe they are already secretly married. Hmmm. Maybe the wedding will make it to next year's Daily Dandy predictions. I'll take the half here.

Then I predicted:

3. Over sized glasses will be all the rage. Take my advice here, and buy a pair of over sized sun glasses, but the real fire will spread with over sized reading and eye glasses. The bigger the better. Geek is chic and big, geeky, nerdy glasses will make a huge fashion statement in 2012. You know how I know? They are hot all over Europe in 2011 and we follow suit.

This is the ONE that I got right, which isn't much of a stretch seeing I consider myself to be somewhat of a fashion guru. Maybe I should stick to that instead of predicting the future., just sayin.

4. Robert DeNiro will make a huge Hollywood comeback as Bernie Madoff. DeNiro's Production company, Tribeca Films, will produce the film as HBO bought the rights to the Madoff Family's Book, "Truth and Consequences: Life Inside The Madoff Family". Written by Ruth Madoff, Andrew Madoff and Andrew's fiancee, Catherine Hooper. I venture to guess that there isn't a person out there who isn't curious about this story, and this predictions about DeNiro. It should be released by year's end, so DeNiro will have at Oscar in 2013.

Where the HELL did this come from? Now I'm not saying that this one may never come to fruition, and If it does, you all will be the first one's to hear about my prediction coming true, but Oscar? Really? I want some more of what I may have been smoking at that time, because that's just not even close. Unless someone knows someone, who knows a guy,  who knows that this deal is going on in Hollywood behind closed doors as we speak, please let me know. Otherwise I'll just sweep this prediction under the carpet and move on with my life. 

And speaking of sweeping predictions under the carpet. I said:

 5. Ok, so I'm going out on a limb here, but it's no fun otherwise. AND you know that I truly believe this: The New England Patriots will defeat The New Orleans Saints to win Super Bowl XLVI in 2012. Yup, they just may be on their way to peaking right now, and just in the nick of time. I may be off about the Super Bowl opponent, so if it's not the Saints, it's going to be the Packers. Even though the Pats have serious, serious issues on defense, and they can't afford to fall behind more than two scores with either of these teams in the beginning of the game, we have Tommy. He's the best in the business and he knows how to get it done. And he will. Also, My Tommy is the MVP of Super Bowl XLVI.

I'm such a homer. I really DON'T want to revisit this heartbreak again.,but:
On the positive side for Candy: I did predict that that Pats would be in the Superbowl, so, I think I get half a point there and the rest is just not worth discussing without HURLING. 

So, I'm gonna take the extra half a point and call my overall prediction score 2 for 5 and be done with it. Even so, I've decided that I'm going to do it again and make my predictions for 2013. It can't get any worse, right? Stay tuned. 

Happy New Year Bloggers. I PREDICT a healthy and happy 2013 for all my blogger buddies. 


MarkD60 said...

Alll Riiiiiight!
Lets hear your predictions for 2013!

33949 torenne

I predict that in 2013 you will turn the word verification off!

Heff said...

I really wish # 1 would have been correct, lol.

Hey, you're doing better than ME - I'd have forgotten I made predictions in the first place, lol !

Scope said...

Your predictions may have been off, but I would still bet on you every time.