Monday, December 17, 2012

I Was Just Going To Say...

I intended to talk about happy Christmas music today, but it just doesn't seem right in this forum.

The Pat's played one heck of a second half last night, but this morning it doesn't really matter. My beloved Boston Herald and I, together this morning have set the tone for the day.

As much as I try, and generally succeed in going on with my life, those little faces, the unspeakable horror creeps in and causes me to hold my children close. Frozen almost, in fear of what could happen, a constant reminder of the evil that lives among us.

I heard my daughter say, "I don't want to talk about it," and I was frozen again, unable to move the important conversation forward. I don't think I wanted to talk about it either. But I did talk to my son. I had to explain to him that his high school will be on lock down today. That visitors must make arrangements to gain entry and that he cannot enjoy the privilege of open campus any longer. He understood completely, once he realized how quickly copy cats can strike and how precious life is.

I know it won't always feel like this. I know I'll tell funny and inappropriate jokes and talk about the frivolousness of life again soon on The Daily Dandy. I just knew it couldn't be today. It doesn't feel right.

I also know I'll try to never forget. I can do that for them. It's just about the only thing I can do for them.


mary i said...

Thank You for this.

MarkD60 said...

Horrible tragedy.
602 itedusd

Anonymous said...

Not good.

the walking man said...

Candace...your daughter may not specifically want to talk about Newton but you better specifically talk about living away from home in the city. Sorry to say this but the not talking about it is a signal that she is afraid and that is the one thing that can harm her.

And you better do your best between now and then to give her all the street smarts you had to learn. It's a different world than it was 20 years ago.

I wish that massacre of little kids and true honest to God heroes of adults never happened but it did. I wish there hasn't been 364 murders in Detroit this year but there have been. injury and harm come fastest to the fearful and those full of false bravado, this is what I know.

I hope the entire nation never forgets what happened but history of our past says unless people like you and me and Mary, and MarkD60 and Bama keep the conversation in the face of them who have the power to change things through getting rid of some of these weapons of mass destruction we will forget until 12/14/13 when the news will remind us for about three years then they too will forget.

Now the death of 26 people is an open door to change things.