Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gaga Worth The Weight

I gotta say bravo to this Lady.

Lady Gaga has admitted to gaining 25 lbs this summer by indulging in her dad's home cooking at his newly opened NYC eatery. Good for her. Leave it to Gaga to put a positive spin on the pressures of weight gain. I'm not really a Gaga fan, but one can hardly miss her. Her larger than life persona took over the music industry and she was everywhere, but I've got to hand it to her on this one. She knows she's gained weight and she doesn't care what you or I think.

Admitting to problems with bulimia and anorexia since the age of 15, Gaga released this statement after coming under fire from the media and her record label.

She has a eloquent way of humanizing the issue and putting it into perspective, doesn't she?

And they say that looking good is the best revenge?
Check out Gaga yesterday in Milan.

25 lbs heavier and still sexy. I say, you go girl! Ain't nothing wrong with being Born that Way.


Pearl said...

She came to my yoga studio last fall. She is just the tiniest person, somewhere around 5'4, maybe, so I'm sure each pound looks pretty big on such a small frame.

Not a huge fan myself, but I do enjoy her courage and the love she inspires with her fans.


Anonymous said...

Sorry. I hate that bitch and her fatass. America is fat. You're not "born that way" you EAT that way then go around like Rosey O'piggy, I mean Piggy O'donnel, I mean...go around like that loud mouthed fatass and then blame it on the fork for making you fat. Shit, pass me that two pound burger and xxl fries and 120 oz. big gulp.

Heff said...

Hey, Gaga !

Madonna called.

Yeah - she wants her image, stage show, and songs back !

B.E. Earl said...

Her music isn't my cuppa, but I dig her attitude. And if she is okay with a few extra elbees, than who are we (or the media) to complain?

Dr Zibbs said...

Well she looks better than some of those super skinny skeleton celebs. Well not her face but...

Dr Zibbs said...
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Cora said...

I don't think Gaga has ever looked better than she does in that picture with the long red dress. Wowza.