Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Bunch Of Crap I Could Have Written Full Posts About But Didn't

  • I fell asleep during the debates last night. What the hell is wrong with me? Shouldn't have had that second glass of wine;). Heard it was a sleeper anyway. Romney made Obama look like a little girly man and that was early on, from what I saw. What's your take on last night's debate? Did it change your vote?

  • The Red Sox (I can't believe I'm going here) are done for the season. Stick the long awaited fork in them, FINALLY. You haven't heard much about them this season at The Daily Dandy, and there's good reason for that. They truly sucked. I don't think I have watched a full game since late July. The calls for Sox manager Bobby Valentine's head have been heard loud and clear, especially today. If I were him, I'd be looking for a quick way outta town. (if he hasn't left already)

  • For all you dog lovers out there, check out this story: "Susie" a cute, white, female poodle mix, was hit by a car in Taunton, MA and immediately became wedged in the front grill of the car. The driver, unaware that he had struck a dog, continued driving for another 11 miles. He even crossed state lines into Rhode Island with Susie still stuck in the front grill. When the driver became aware that the dog was stuck, he drove to the nearest police station and the dog was immediately removed. Unbelievably, the dog sustained a concussion and  only minor injuries. Susie was recently reunited with her owner. I gotta ask, how do you not know that you've struck a dog with your car?

  • I love this best of all....This is Carter, who uses a wheelchair. His dad made him this for Halloween:


Cora said...

That ice cream man costume is INCREDIBLE. How cute!

SkylersDad said...

That is really a great costume! The story of the dogs makes me hurt inside.

Scope said...

Yesterday was not "Valentine's Day".

the walking man said...

Ok I'll admit that his ice cream truck would not irritate me with the constant repetition of noise. Clever pops, happy kid.

Can you say Detroit Tigers? Miguel Cabrera?

Maybe that driver thought the dog looked cute as a grill ornament or something that belonged on the grill? Idiot people. You hit an animal and not know it by blabbing on the cell phone or having the radio cranked way up.

So how did your project come out, drill any holes through your finger nails?