Friday, April 27, 2012

WTF? Friday

Hey Bloggity Bloggers!

TGIF!!! and since it's Friday, I think it time for another rousting rendition of WTF? Friday courtesy of our lovely friends from WalMart. You gotta wonder, what were they thinking?

Super Size Me 2? Something tells me that this guy is not a Hollywood documentary film maker. People of WalMart dubbed it "McHoarding".  I think it's just gross. Psychologically there has to be some sort of warped sense of pride at the massive collection. Don't you think?

Hee hee..This one is wrong on so many levels, but I can't help but think he's cute. Look at his little heels and his Coach bag...even if he is wearing his granddaughter's shorts. 

OK, so at first I thought, a lady goes to WalMart with her disposable pedicure thongs on. Ridiculous, yes, but no big deal. Upon further inspection, I realized that she is wearing Always Menstrual Pads on her feet. Adhesive side up. And she just went shopping at WalMart. I don't know who's a bigger fool? 

Her for walking around Wally World like that or me for thinking for a split second that this is genius.

Talk about inviting trouble...

Sister here is used to having conversations with the Po Po. She's just not used to having them in WalMart. What are the odds she met him outside after his shift for a "date"?

Heff, this one's for you. I nearly had to scratch my eyes out after looking at this one. If it took me 7 minutes to figure out that she is wearing leggings, imagine what the other shoppers thought? Heffy, do I even need to ask???

And finally, this lady is shakin' her way to better upper arm tone all WHILE DRIVING.

Which all begs the question..WTF?

Have a good weekend Bloggers, and please try to exercise good judgement..(no pun intended)


Heff said...

Oh, there's NO QUESTION. I respect her, BUTT - we'd have to use those leggings to mop up.

Anonymous said...

The chick with the shake weight is on her way to my house. I told her that she better learn to get her jerk on if she wanted to see me agian.

Denis Verdecia said...

Eye bleach required...that is all!

MarkD60 said...

Many people don't know what WFT stands for, and apparently you are one of them. WTF stands for "Where's The Food?"
Love your post today.

Cora said...

That car in NASTY. My God. The smell in there must be one mammoth funk. Blah.

Nicholas Temple said...

Thanks! U needed the laffz.

the walking man said...

Candace can't you post a large warning before your Friday page opens? Although Heff's baba boo in the leggins--whoa there be some bubbles among those hills.

Customers like these should give Wal-Mart workers the absolute right to unionize, they need the expanded medical(especially optical) coverage.

SkylersDad said...

The car or the leggings. I can't decide which turned my stomach more!

Dr Zibbs said...

Haha. I love that trash car. I take pics of the interior of cars whenever I see something like that.