Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pop Poop

This special edition of Pop Poop has been brought to you today by my utter disdain for what I once considered the best show on television. Let's start there, shall we?

GLee- You suck. I'm sorry, but I'm thinking about breaking up with you. What the helll? Last night's episode sucked so bad maybe I'll make next Tuesday night "Viewer Skip Day." Their were two positives on the night for me overall:

1. The whole Quinn in a wheelchair thing was a powerful message about the dangers of texting and driving.

2. Matt Bomer (who is he?) played Coop, Blaine's famous actor brother. Damn, if there isn't something about that guy. He's sexy and handsome and although he played a narcissistic B-list actor, the entire glee club was mesmerized by him.

Sorry Glee, even the music was sub par last night. You don't even get an entire post dedicated to you until you step up your game.

Dancing With the Stars-Plagued recently by serious medical issues, will they cancel America's guiltiest pleasure because of the physical dangers?

Melissa Gilbert was rushed to the hospital after Monday night's dance where she banged her head during her performance and suffered a mild concussion and whiplash. Maria Menounos suffered two broken ribs and foot injuries during her rehearsals. She reportedly wears two electrodes attached to her feet to stimulate her bones while she dances.

I realized today that even though I do NOT watch this show, I know everything that happens on Dancing With The Stars because I watch Good Morning America every morning. In fact, I know a lot about ABC/Disney because the show shamelessly promotes all of their ABC prime time programming during GMA.

Moe, Larry and Curley-I don't know if some of The Daily Dandy's younger, hipster readers remember the Three Stooges, but I definitely do. My brothers were OBSESSED with them and we spent some wonderful bonding times together laughing and watching the antics of the Howard brothers. They then would beat the crap out of me, using the slap stick techniques they had just learned watching the Stooges. Good times...
The Farrelly Brothers, "The Three Stooges" drops Friday and I'm dying to see this one. Especially since the Farelly's directed it. I expect to be highly entertained.

I heard an interview a while back with Tom Bergeron (yeah, the guy from Dancing with the Stars)He grew up in Boston and when he was in high school he had a radio show that made him somewhat of a local celeb. We watched the Stooges locally on TV-38 and as a fan, he somehow landed a huge interview with Moe Howard, via telephone. Howard was, at the time, in the December of his life and career and living in a resting home. Bergeron claims Howard still had a keen mind and was a wonderful interview. Their exchange gave Bergeron a resume piece that got him noticed, and it made Howard a friend who took a liking to the kid. Bergeron continued his relationship with Howard up until his death, and interviewed him several times.

The Three Stooges is a throwback to a time gone by. They were unique comedians with their own brand of physical comedy who came straight from vaudveille. How many of you remember vaudveille?

Does this mean I'm old????


Anonymous said...

As cute as she still is, I'd take Matt's "Boner" and bang Melissa's head with it! You're not old and neither is Melissa. Women don't even get truly sexy until after the age of 40!

sybil law said...

I'm totally interested in The Three Stooges movie! I probably won't ever make it to the theater, but that's just because I so rarely do.
As far as Glee and Dancing with the Stars - I got nothin'. That is crazy about all the injuries, though.

Dr Zibbs said...

I hate that I watch DWTS. I wish they would show more dancing and less yapping. And Tom Bergeron is in my top 5 celebs that I despise.

Denis Verdecia said...

No...the Stooges RULE! However, I fear that their time is limited and that the movie will flop because kids today will think that all of those hits are real and that they can do that to their own friends. Hence, people will die and/or be seriously injured and they will blame it all on the stooges.

In fact, didn't they take the stooges away from television because they were too violent? Why are they bringing them back? Because we are running out of original ideas!

I sit here patiently waiting for the "I love Lucy" movie....

the walking man said...

Nyuk nyuk nyuk.."Hey Moe"-"Cmon Seabiscuit" "Shaddup porcupine"

We didn't know it as kids but in the fifties and sixties just about everybody that was on TV came from Vaudeville. I guess as close as we get now is cirque de soleil.tiessic loweel

MarkD60 said...

My wife watches Glee. I think it's ridiculous, but I've never seem more than 30 seconds of it in a row..