Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Sugar Shack

So are we to believe that Sugar could possibly love anyone but herself?? After the buildup of the spoiled, off pitch, silly, dimly lit, daddy's little rich girl that we have seen in recent episodes? Now she's cute and happy and loving and everyone's sweetheart? Huh?

I am truly mystified. Mystified that my favorite show could produce such a BOMB, like last night's episode. The only redeeming thing about last night were Sugar's numerous Valentines Day inspired fashions...and even that's going out on a limb. After many seasons of waiting, we finally get to see Rachel's "dad's", and they are even more ridiculous than I could have imagined. (although, Jeff Goldblum really plays a spot on, gay man) and their story line left me in doubt of where this is all going.

So when in doubt, we still have the music.

"L.O.V.E."-Mike Chang sings...and dances! This cute little montage with Tina and Mike served to highlight the ridiculous love triangle of Sugar/Artie/Rory. I say ridiculous because two episodes ago, didn't Sugar tell Artie he wasn't her type. "Your handicapped and I'm able. We'd look weird together." I guess we weren't supposed to remember that.

"Let Me Love You"-Artie, he of the best pipes on the show, slayed this tune and thank goodness. Because it served as the special elixir that made Sugar fall for him and look past his handi-disability. Good for him. The boys coming in and serving as backup made this one even more enjoyable.

"Stereo Hearts"-Sam, Quinn, Mercedes and new comer Joe (The Glee Project's co-winner, Samuel Larsen) The God Squad group decides to fund raise by doing singing Valentines for students at McKinnley. While the new kid looks like a dread-locked version of Jesus, he's got chops and I love this ensemble production of the song.

"Home"-Rory, seemingly tells a fib about his student Visa expiring at the end of the school year and belts out this bomb. While his vocals were good, for me this rendition of the song brought the whole mood down and put a damper on the happy little Valentine vibe. The good news is, it worked and Rory won over Sugar, as she asked him to be her date to her party at Breadstix.

"I Will Always Love You"-Mercedes, true to her diva-licious form, nailed this Whitney Houston classic. Appropriate for the episode ,but eerily impeccably timed to air so soon after Houston's untimely death. Was it just me, or did Mercedes version pop in and out of HD and seem sloppily edited in comparison with the rest of the show? I was thinking that it was hastily added, to seem as if it were always part of the script. Just a theory. Conspiracy theory's aside, this is My Download Pick Of the Week for obvious reasons, and she did one hell of a job singing it.

"Cherish"/"Cherish"-Sam, Joe, Quinn and Mercedes sing to Brittnay and Santana for all the same sex couples out there. While I love this mash up, I can't help but hope that the creators of Glee don't ruin a perfectly innocent love between two girls by "militantly" shoving it in our faces. I love the fact that Santana and Brittnay are a couple and in love, but I wish they would lay off Santana's angry lesbian vibe a bit and stop pushing the two girls kissing envelope. Even if it is a Valentines episode.

"Love Shack"-Blaine is BACK! Thank God, because I couldn't stand one more minute of a Blaine-less Glee episode. With Mercedes, Brittnay, Rachel and Kurt as back up, this one manages to give new life to the old party anthem. Let's touch a bit here on the creepy Karofsky/Kurt story line, now that Karofsky has professed his love to Kurt with "secret admirer" Valentines he mistook to be from Blaine. It's not working for me. At. All.

Good, bad and ugly, that's what it was for me last night. But if we are talking about love, which we are, I'm giving Glee the benefit of the doubt, all in the name of love.


Anonymous said...

Lord. I started reading but then it hit me.....Is this shit more Gayford Glee???? I still love you though, I will just let the sounds of funky 70's porn drown out that....stuff.

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Heff said...

Wait, I'm confused -

Which guy do they call "sugar" ?

On second thought, they probably call all the guys sugar on that show, lol.

MarkD60 said...

I don't even know what you're talking about.