Friday, February 10, 2012

Just Shut Your Pie Hole

As my bestest friend always says, "shut your pie hole." or just "pie hole" when she wants to get her point across quickly.

It would seem that those Boston based sports/celebrity types be at it again with their big mouths wagging. After the bru ha ha that Giselle caused on Sunday, you'd think that everyone from Boston would kinda lay low for a while. Right? Wrong.

Or maybe it's not so wrong.

Here's the back story: Tim Thomas, beloved MVP of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins, was like a hockey God around here. Stoic, strong and consistent, Thomas created a PR bru ha ha of his own when on Jan 25 he refused to attend the White House ceremony honoring the championship team. Thomas stated that he does not support the current administration and that he feel like the government is "out of control". What was out of control was the media fire that ensued. Thomas had to face a PR nightmare and defend his choice not to attend in the media.

Thomas was quoted:

"[The controversy] is all media-driven and it has been from the start. Everything that I said and did was as an individual. It was not as a representative of the Boston Bruins," Thomas said Friday at All-Star Weekend in Ottawa. "All it has to do is with me. But it's separate from hockey. That's my personal life and those are my personal views. Those are my personal beliefs. It has nothing to do with hockey. It has nothing to do with this All-Star Game. It has nothing to do with the Boston Bruins."

OK, seems fair. You would think one would move right along and keep to the business at hand, but when you are a high profile sports figure in a city that worships their sports figures, every move is scrutinized.

Then yesterday Thomas posted on his Facebook his support of the Catholic Church's battle against the Obama administration over contraceptives. Now, if he was looking for a shit storm, he sure as hell found one. Thomas was furious that the media questioned him on his posting.

Really? Have you met the Boston media, Tim?

“I don’t think that when you become an athlete that you sign away your right to be an individual, and have your own views and post them on Facebook if you’d like.” Thomas said.

Yes, I agree with him on that, and the man has every right to speak, post and scream his opinions in a public forum if he so chooses. That's why we live in this great country and it's how we live or die, but if you are going to spew political ideologies, and you are a "public figure", you'd better be prepared to answer questions about it to the media. I would say it's a hazard of the job and after the beating he took last week over the White House ceremony, you'd think he wouldn't rub salt in the proverbial wound, unless he was looking for trouble. Either way it's his call.

Maybe he would be best served to just "pie hole".


BamaTrav said...

I agree with Tim (played a stint for our now defunct Birmingham Bulls) I wouldn't go to D.C. to piss on that socialist piece of dog shit if he were on fire.

BamaTrav said...

Come to think of it, I have never heard of just "pie hole" so I think I may start a new internet fad of "pie holing." Thank you for that.

Heff said...

DESPERATELY fighting off the urge to post an "A*Hole" joke, here.

*internal conflict*

I need a moment alone.....

Scope said...

Not sure I want to post something right after Heff has had a "moment alone".

Oh well, that's what HazMat suits are for. :-)

I guess it's getting so rare now that a celebrity will have a non-liberal opinion in public that the media has to pounce on it.

MarkD60 said...

My wifes boss says "Shut the front door!" instead of "shut the fuck up!"
That picture of the pie says Open your pie hole instead of closing it.... I want some pie now.

the walking man said...

AWW Bullshit has anyone read half the shit Chuck Kiss My ASS Norris has said. You make the money, you accept the fame and acclaim, now either just shut the fuck up or stand the fuck up and throw the god damn gloves down. If you can't take a public hit then don't throw a public punch. Who gives a fuck if he as an American, the only one on the Bruins went to the WH or not and Met a Negro president or not? He has the right to make the choice...ever hear of "NO COMMENT Excuse me I am leaving now?"

Bama I'd travel to Alabama to piss on you. You'd have to burn for a bit though (I think you have foo...I mean fuel enough to burn for quite awhile) because I have to drive wherever I go and I have a surgery to get done before I can head to the sunny and liberal south. So whatever you do don't fire up any of that shit to close to your eyebrows, OK? gnewt needs your vote!