Monday, February 27, 2012

Hollywood's Lombardi Trophy

I can't confess to being completely celebrity obsessed and fashion crazed and NOT put my two cents in about last night's Hollywood party of all parties, the Oscars. This is the big kahuna, the Lombardi for Hollywood, the Holy Grail for most recipients and the only place to see and be seen if you are in entertainment.

So much about last night was noteworthy, but here are my observations and in no particular order:

The Awards:

Meryl- How can you even question it? Everybody thought Viola Davis was a lock and then the Iron Lady sweeps in and steals the statue. Meryl (looked stunning for once) is Hollywood royalty and everyone should be in agreement that the Oscar is exactly where it should be. I love her casual elegance. The fact that she is one of the most celebrated and awarded actress today not withstanding, she has managed to have what seems to be, it all. A long marriage, family and a fabulous career. Kudos for a job well done.

Christopher Plummer-The 82 year old accomplished actor finally captured the brass ring. He was quite elegant in his acceptance, and I'm happy that the father from The Sound Of Music can now add Oscar winner to his resume.

Billy Crystal-While I think he played it safe on the telecast, it felt like an old friend was taking us through the motions. His opening sequence, a visual homage to each nominated picture, was comfortably predictable and enjoyable. Billy may not have the pipes to pull that off on Broadway, but it didn't matter. It's Billy and the Oscars. Best line of the night, "There's nothing better than watching millionaires award each other gold statues."

The Fashions:

Gwenneth-It's not that frequent that I have such a visceral reaction to fashion, but she literally took my breath away. Then I learned that her stunning white ensemble was Tom Ford and I understood why I was so touched. He's the King. Pure perfection. I cannot say anything else. Simply stunning.

Jennifer Lopez-No. No, just no. Why? Really? She was the street walker of the night and I hated her hair. Her only redeeming aesthetic was the Scott Barnes Body Bling (which The Candy Bar sells) that she is famous for. Her glow was pure J Lo.

Angelina Jolie-Hmmm, I'm not quite sure here. It was ok, but her ridiculous pose, with her hand on hip and her leg exposed most purposefully was a huge turn off. Ok, so she is the most beautiful woman on the planet and she was beautiful last night for sure, but the problem for me was that the whole pose thing, on stage, made he think that she takes her self and her sex appeal WAY TOO SERIOUS. Huge turn off.


Ryan Seacrest-Speaking of taking themselves way too serious, Seacrest beat out Angelina. Sacha Baron Cohen, dressed as his latest movie role, The Dictator, dumped, what was suppose to be the cremains of King Jong II all over the Burberry tuxedo jacket of E!'s Red Carpet host Ryan Seacrest. Ryan just couldn't roll with it. Bizarre, yes. But Seacrest's reaction was embarrassing and down right depressing to witness. Seacrest can probably see to it that Baron Cohen NEVER steps within 500 feet of him again, and that he gets black balled from whatever he wants. Baron Cohen has zero chance of ever hosting ABC's New Years Eve Count down or his own reality TV show on the E! channel. Zero. The whole thing was egg on Seacrests furious face, to say the least.

The Parties-

Wolfgang Puck fed 1500 people at The Govenors Ball and wore a custom designed chef jacket for the event. Rumor has it that his chicken pot pie with truffles was TO DIE FOR.

Miss Piggy was flawless.

I woke up with the name Octavia Spencer on the brain. I guess this lady has arrived.

Hugo won alot of awards. I have had more than a few peole recommend this film to me, so I will now prioritize it on my movie queue. And Scorsese? Not one recipient of a Hugo oscar that did not comment on the great director and what a privilege it was to work with him.

And finally, Cirque du Soleil never disappoints, and they didn't last night. I loved their acrobatic artistry.

It was a great Oscars. Not so boring that I only caught the major awards,and entertaining enough to stay up till 11:30. Then I went to sleep and Hollywood went on to party like a rock star.


Anonymous said...

I have nothing for those left coast loud mouthed entitled U.S hating, Chavez loving libtards. It's a glorified back slapping party.

Heff said...

Hasn't Christopher Plummer been 82 years old for about 70 years now ?? Only Abe Vigoda has eaten more dinosaur meat !

sybil law said...

I thought Billy Crystal was boring, but he took care to be non offensive, for sure.
I can't stand Gwyneth. She seems like she might be decent in real life, but she annoys me, even though her dress was awesome.
I loved Michelle Williams's dress.
Agree with you on JLo.
And Angelina Jolie needs to frigging EAT. She is WAY too bony, and if she looks that skeletal on camera, I can only imagine how stick thin she is in person! Also, you're dead on about her obnoxious posing.
The Help lady was my favorite for winning. She was so emotional - it was cute.

the walking man said...

Ahh shit I thought the oscars were last week! *sigh* Missed another show of shows. I must be missing a vital component like a calendar or TV guide...or maybe it's just *shrug* don't care.

MarkD60 said...

My wife followed it slightly. I never heard of any of the movies.