Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beantown Smackdown

I want to forget about Sunday as much as the next guy here in Boston, but it just won't go away.

And now Giselle, aka Mrs Brady, is under BIG fire for her post-Super Bowl expletive-laden rant aimed at Tommy's boys on her way out of her luxury box at Lucas Oil stadium immediately following the Patriots loss to the Giants.

Here's what I think: Thank God it wasn't me, because if it was, it would have been far worse.

If you haven't seen it already on all the trash TV shows, Giselle was being heckled by some obnoxious butt heads immediately following the loss, on her way out of the luxury box. They were shouting things like, " Eli rules!" and "Eli owns your husband!"

So what does Gi do?

She fires back while standing in front of the elevator to go down, in her thick Brazilian accent, " My husband cannot fu*king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time." and "I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times." She ripped the team. Big no-no. Now Tom and Gi have a huge loss AND a PR mess to deal with.

Ok, so she ripped Welker and Hernandez and all the boys who work hard to make Her Tommy look good all season long, but she was mad as hell and provoked and somewhat right.....I guess when you are making 50 Mil a year in your underwear,and you are married to a genetically gifted man and have the world by the financial kahunas, you can't be forgiven of an extremely emotional moment; however foolish.

Hell, you should have heard all the names WE were calling them. It wasn't pretty and there were young kids around and no, we're not proud of it. If it were me, (in a dream) it might have been far worse. Not only would I have thrown back some choice expletives, but I might have played dirty pool and I can't say that I would not have responded, had I been her. Nope, I would have let them have it too. And a lot LOUDER. This I know for sure. I might have even lost some endorsement money and been in a bigger mess than Gi is right now. Emotions, at that time, were raw.

I guess when you have the world by the proverbial balls and your look like her, there is no crying in football. Not even if your soul mate just lost on the biggest stage there is, AGAIN. Not even when some heckling asshole, rips your heart out after the Giants just stomped all over it. Nope, the rules are different for her. She is expected to just shut her mouth and look pretty because that would have been the classy thing to do. Show no emotion. Well, who ever went on record and said that Giselle had class?

Again, good thing it wasn't me. I might have started a riot right there in the lobby of the luxury boxes at Lucas Oil Stadium. Just sayin.


Cora said...

If someone was shouting things like that about my husband to me, I would have done the same thing. Jeez. It seems to me that the hecklers are the ones who are the scumbags in the situation. Stupid sore winners.

Heff said...

Although what she did probably wasn't the SMARTEST thing to do, SHE WAS RIGHT !!!

Anonymous said...

Her opinion matters about as much as that stinch loaf I pinched off this morning.

Anonymous said...

Also, if he hadn't thrown the ball to 5' 1" Welker, the ball might have been caught, Sheesh, it's not like he was throwing it to Julio Jones.

Denis Verdecia said...

People ask me why this boy who grew up in New Jersey became a New England fan. The answer is quite simple. I did not want to be associated with the obnoxious New Yorkers who can't even win gracefully....

Just sayin....

Bill said...

Giselle and M.I.A. both need lessons in self-control ... tho when living in bubbles, reality is a blurry concept.

Anonymous said...

Hell, even I farted in Tom Brady's face....and his loud mouth bitch.

Scope said...

Man is this overblown.

Should she have said exactly that? No.

Was she right? Pretty much.

Is she going to be unpopular with some of the wives? They probably hated (jealous) her anyway. Now it's on the open.

It's not was she says in the elevator that matters so much, as to how Tom deals with it behind closed doors. The guys who had the drops know it. You think they aren't kicking themselves with the would'a/could'a/should'a thoughts? Let things cool off and then have the guys over for dinner.