Monday, May 24, 2010

You're Hired!

It was down to the final two. Holly and Brett. Brett and Holly.
Who would best the other and take home Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice crown.??

Who was left but one tough mother and a reinvented creative rocker, both vying for a quarter of a million in cash for their named charity. It was a long, hard-fought season with this bunch of celebs and it was not without drama.

  • Cindy Lauper: She was the biggest celeb in the bunch, as her name always translated into easy $$. The women on her team complained about her unorganized and "weird" ways of completing a task, but the truth is, every thing she touched turned to gold. I think she might have gone the distance if she hadn't tried to be "the nice one".
  • The boardroom: Always the best part of the hour and a half episode. This group had the art of "bus-throwing-under" down to an Olympic sport. It was always juicy in there. Sometimes you could see that The Donald, himself, was not sure who to fire, but inevitably someone always showed their true colors and Mr. Trump went right for the jugular.
  • The Trump Children: Never too far from their dad's shadow, something tells me that's exactly where they want to be. Ivanka and Donald Jr. were the eyes and ears for Mr. Trump's celebrities and they did not disappoint. The Donald raised his children well. Both are articulate, charming, tough, corporate and in control...and neither is hard to look at. In a world where over privileged, moneyed celebrity children line the walls of drug rehabs, Trump successfully instilled the family business ethic in his two oldest. You have to give him kudos for that.
  • Comraderie: It was heartwarming to see the likes of disgraced ex-Govenor Rod Blagojevich bonding with former Pro Wrestler Bill Goldberg and MLB super-star Daryl Strawberry. It seemed like the men's team, Rock Solid, formed some lasting relationships with each other.
  • Brett Michaels: Much like Cindy Lauper, Michaels unique creative genius coupled with a "every man" charm worked in his favor and highlighted the reason the Poison front man has staying power in the industry. You couldn't not like this guy. Then, Michaels was hospitalized with a serious, life threatening brain hemorrhage, and the fans of Michaels waited and watched for days as the prognosis could have gone either way. Michaels recovered, despite the odds, and was expected to make a full recovery. Then last week, he suffered a "warning stroke" putting his appearance at the live finale in jeopardy. But Brett Michaels is one tough cookie and against doctors orders he literally put his life at risk to appear in the boardroom one last time.

Congrats to you Brett!! WAY. TO. GO!
Now go home and get some rest and take care of yourself!!

The world can wait for your next move.


BeckEye said...

So happy that Bret won. And Cyndi...that's my girl! I wanted to smack Holly for giving her so much shit all season.

I wonder where Sharon Osbourne was last night?

Scot Oglesby said...

Candy you stopped over my place but you didn’t pick up your ‘prize.’ I think you missed it as it was up over the weekend. You tied for the caption contest and almost got forced into a virtual pillow fight.

Sorry I can’t read your post because I haven’t downloaded the final of Celebrity Apprentice yet and I don’t want to know who wins.

Mrs. Hall said...

meh. I think Holly should have won. I mean, she brought in the cash money. WHICH IS WHAT THE SHOW IS ABOUT UNDERNEATH IT ALL.

Yeah, so dude came back from the dead. Which is fine. But this show was about business prowess. Not hurculean feats of health. b

Just saying. ;)

Scope said...

Face it, faking a brain thing and what not to get the sympathy vote for a reallity show take BALLS. Way to go, Bret!

And Holly? Talk dirty to me...

RW said...

Speaking as a resident of Illinois (go BLACKHAWKS!), if Rod Blagojevich hugged me, I'd watch for the knife in his left hand as it passed to that place behind me.

Heff said...

Cyndi Lauper "the BIGGEST celebrity" ? Hell, she had ONE hit album back about 27 years ago ! Also, she's as dumb as a bag of hammers !

I'm glad Bret won, but wouldn't Trump have looked like an INCREDIBLE ASS if Bret had lost ?

Cora said...

Dammit - I kinda wish I'd watched that now.