Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear God

Dear God,

When I grow up I want for my children and my grandchildren to be safe, healthy and happy.

I would like my husband to be my companion, and I would like to live out our golden years in peace.

I would like to be the picture of health, God, if that wouldn't be asking too much, and if I did happen to live to a ripe old age, where I was still feeling good, I wouldn't want to become a burden to my children.

I would be happy to be put in a home with other people my age, close enough so that I could be near my kids.

Dear God, if that did happen, if I needed to go into a home for the elderly, could you arrange it so that I got into THIS home???

Thanks Lord,
I really appreciate it.
Much Love-


Scope said...


Jim said...

Lol . . . funny, and yet mildly disturbing.


Furtheron said...

I'm with Jim at first you smile then your frown ... then you feel slightly disturbed!

The Dental Maven said...

My hope is that I'm the one in the home with THE BEST STORIES! I work on my collection daily.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! She's a saucy minx! You go, grandma. I bet grandma's got a stripper pole in her room as well.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Scope- YESSSSS!!!

Jim- I hear ya! xo

Furtheron-Do NOT go onto the website on that photo..

Mave-If these walls could talk girrrl...what a conversation.

Mad-Doesn't every girl have a stripper pole in her room?

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Note from the editor:
Candy's daily Dandy in no way endorses, agrees with, condones or even wants to acknowledge the existience of the website listed on the photo published in conjunction with today's post.

Can't even make a harmless penis joke these days....

SkylersDad said...

I think granny has a good technique with her hands.

Heff said...

Now, either Granny's been doing her Kegel exercises for two hundred years, OR SHE NEEDS TO APPLY SOME MORE CLAY TO THAT TINY DONG !

Heff said...


I went to the site !

Now I've got to find something sharp to poke my eyes out with....

Jim said...

On a purely artistic level, I think she's done a very good job with her "art project" . . . good definition . . . a sense of scale and proportion . . . interesting that she chose an erect penis to sculpt, not a flaccid one, and circumcised vs. natural.

Class, discuss.



Chris@Knucklehead! said...

Dear God,

Thank you for not allowing the photographer to get a shot of the guy who was modeling for that lady's art project.


sage said...

I'm speechless, but laughing

Reno said...

Before I get to this granny's age I'm hoping for a speedy 50 ton meteor to fall on me. And when the dust clears there's nothing left but a huge hole in the ground.