Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nick That Name

Nick nack paddy whack, I love to nick a name.

I have this thing, at times it can be annoying, where I give everyone a nick name. It's an issue. It's a personal play on words and I do it all the time. Doesn't matter who you are, I will twist up and change up your given birth name to suit me. Can't quite figure out why I do it. It just happens.

Take my dogs for example. Buddy, Jingle and Amos. Three fine dog names who need no elaboration or explanation for most people. Me? Heck no, I gotta twist and turn. All three have "Asian" names. Don't ask me why, for I cannot explain.

Buddy is Mee Soo.
Amos is Mouser
Jingle is Miss Ming.

Then, I always take it a few steps further. Mee Soo just turned into Soo, which then turned into Soonie, which then turned into Soonie Bird which now stands at Bird.

Miss Ming turned into Miss which turned into Miss-a-Ming which turned into Mingy which some how resulted in Ga-ning which now stands at Ga. Weird right? Go figure.

Mouser tuned into A-mouse which turned into Mouse-man which turned into Mouse-sir which now stands at Sir.

These could all change when the mood strikes me. Then there's my babies. Given both strong and beautiful names, I had to go and mix things up and destroy the sanctity of their birth names.
We'll start with Frick. Without telling you her given name, I some how worked that name into Crinkle which ended up being Crink. It stuck. The ENTIRE family calls her Crink which I then variated into Mink, Minken or Miss Minky.

Then Frack, named after his dad, he was given a nick name at birth, so as to differentiate between the two. I turned that into "the (insert name here)-er" which turned into the (insert name here)- mo laker, which turned into laker, then twisted and now stands at just Mo. I call him Mo or Mo Mo regularly.

My Guy? He's just honey, but recently that has evolved into Hunny Bunny which changed to Bunny then Honey B and now stands at Honey Bear.
Bizarre. I know. I never said I was normal. I think it runs in the blood. The kids call me Momma, which somehow became Nummner which now stands at Num.

In this house you never know what you will be called, but you can bet it will stick whether you like it or not.


Cowguy said...

Sal calls me "buster" which kinda evolved from "HEY... WATCH IT BUSTER!!"

I used to know a Crink. Dunno what became of her.

Scope said...

@Cowguy - Just don't call her "Sal O'Mander" unless you want to become close personal friends with the sofa for a month.

Scandalous Housewife said...

My kids call me crazy ass, which, I guess, kinda sounds like "Scandy"...

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Wow that's cool Candy! I call LER Honey Bunny. It does turn into Honey, will you take out the trash?

Happy Wed!

- Jennifer

Chris@Maugeritaville said...

Theresa has all sorts of nicknames for me . . . Dipshit is a nickname, right?

Scott Oglesby said...

I feel ya on the names, except I’m not as imaginative. I rescued my cat from a plastic bag in a garbage can when I heard meowing. (I told you they can be dicks to animals in Spain. Really!) Anyway I called him Tunado which was short for Fortunado which is Spanish for lucky. Then it got shortened to Nado then changed to Tuna. He is now, and will forever be known as …..wait for it….Kitty Cat. My dog is a Dauchshund. Here is the progression…Lukeano-Luke-Skywalker-BabaLou-Luca Brasi-Lucky Lou, and now….Luke!

Heff said...

"Heff" of course, is my REAL name. Yeah.

BeckEye said...

I'm a big fan of nicknaming too, but usually just smart-ass nicknames for American Idol contestants and other celebutards.

Anonymous said...

Oh grief! My first grade teacher used to call me 'oreo'. Then my second grade teacher tried to one-up the first grade teacher by calling me 'cookie'. Then we moved, and that was the end of that. Until high school when it became 'corky'. Now, I'm simply 'C'.

But I do have nicknames for my dogs - several nicknames. (I honestly thought I was the only one in the world that did that. Now, I don't feel so weird.

Augustus aka Mr. Wiggles, Monkey or Gidget

Maximus aka Spinner or Fuzz Butt

Minnie aka Minniepoopoos, Scar, or Bristle Toss

Fancy Schmancy said...

My mother has about 75 nicknames. Her birth name is Esther Agnes, but her sister started calling her Tookie (short for tookus, Yid for tush) from an early age and that stuck. Then us kids call her Testy Esty, Esther Pester, Saggie Aggie. My personal favorite is Polly. Short for Polly-Esther.

Nicknames are fun!

The Dental Maven said...

We must have a few strands of DNA that are identical.
The whole Maven household is guilty of this and we're always getting strange looks from people who just don't understand!

Jimmy Bastard said...

Bastard may not really be my real name...

Cora said...

Ha ha ha! Too funny! My Dad calls my daughter "prickles" because her middle name is Holly and holly is prickly. First time he called her that I stared at him like WTF?! "Prickles"?! But it stuck. But thankfully no-one else calls her that or she might murder us all in our sleep!

Scope said...

Someday, I hope the gal right up there ^ will get the nickname "Co-Co".

Anonymous said...