Monday, July 27, 2009

The Good Drunk

Let's discuss for a moment the possibility of getting your drink on in a good way. Is it possible to be in the above condition in a good way? Probably not. Poor Linds, for sure, had some chemical friends running through her system to aid her in the process of getting her to this point.

I'm talking about simple alcohol, hooch, moonshine, Jesus Juice, whatever you want to call it, and nine out of ten times it kicks the-ever-loving-crap out of me. Anything over two glasses of wine and momma is in trouble the next day. I'm not dumb enough to forget that I am too old to re-live my college dorm days and live to tell about it.

BUT-Saturday night was that one out of ten times that I did something right.

The weather was surprisingly beautiful and My Guy and I found ourselves alone for dinner, as my daughter took her brother (shock) out to dinner with her friends instead of hanging with the rents. We decided to go to our favorite Chinese restaurant (I know-yet again) as I had a hankering for some sushi and the restaurant serves both Japanese and Chinese. The best thing about the Chinese restaurant is the bartender is extremely generous, and I usually indulge in a Mai Tai or two.

We sat at our favorite table, enjoyed just a small amount of food; sushi for me-Chinese for him and had a couple of drinks. Normally, after one Mai Tai, I am feeling the sweet effects of the concoction and can stop there, but we were having such a good time, talking and debating about our life, that before I knew it I had consumed two Mai Tai's quite effortlessly. On the ride home, I got a call from my best friend and her guy, asking if we were interested in lighting a fire and chilling out together. We were feeling no pain and were game! It was on. No sooner had we started a gorgeous fire in the fire pit out back, my friends arrived and we continued to drink some more.

I was out of my standard Captian Morgan's spiced rum, so Drunky McDrunkerstein reached into the back of the liquor cabinet, only to find some Gosseling's rum I had brought home from Bermuda a couple of years ago. Tasted good, so what the hell! We proceeded to drink some more. It was one of those nights that the stars were bright, the company was great, the conversation robust and hilarious and the evening went off without a hitch. We could not have planned it better, had it not just happened spontaneously.

Somewhere around my fourth drink I announced to the group that I was indeed, quite tanked, but feeling good. It was almost as if I had just realized it, as the inebriation was a compliment to the evening, not the center of attention. My friends guy is a liquor distributor and as we were making the fourth re-fill on the libations, he said,

"Who's drinking the Gosselings?"
To which I replied, "I am. I brought that home from a friend's wedding in Bermuda a few years back and never opened it. It's pretty good actually."

"It should be," he said. "It's 151 proof."

I couldn't believe it. Here I was, two drinks (at home) deep, on a 151 proof high. Now I'm thinking I'm going to pay for this tomorrow, but since I live for today, I never look back.

As most old farts do, we wrapped things up at a reasonable hour. I decided that I needed to take the precautionary 3 Advil tablets before bed, as I anticipated a killer hang-over and passed ou.. er, um, went to bed. I awoke Sunday morning anticipating the arrival of death. I opened my eyes and moved slowly. As my feet touched the floor, I realized that I felt fine. After my walk to the bathroom and back, I was still fine. No headache at all and no nausea. You could have knocked me over with a feather, I was ok. I felt no adverse effects of a hang-over at all. I couldn't believe it.

I got a text from my friend, thanking us for a great evening and commenting on the great time. I have no idea how I escaped that scenario unscathed, but I did. The good drunk it was, indeed, and I will not question it.
How's that for playing the odds? Maybe next weekend I need to go to Foxwoods and try my luck, as I seem to be rolling on a hot streak.


Vodka Mom said...

i am laughing so hard right now.

"Who's drinking the jet fuel???"

Oh yeah. That would be me.

The Dental Maven said...

Oh yeah, Girl. You sure did get lucky. The hangover gods gave you a pass on that one.
You might not want to wait till the weekend for Foxwoods. Better run out and buy a lottery ticket today.

SkylersDad said...

Great story, I have so many overindulgence stories that I don't know if I should admit it.

Anonymous said...

I remember my first run in with rum 151. Freshman year in college, a camera, and a trash bucket were involved. Pictures were taken I'm told, but thank goodness it was before the advent of digital and the overblown Internet. The pix and the negatives are hopefully still lost to time.

Heff said...

I use to drink Bacardi 151.

Never again.

The Bacardi Bat kicked my ass.

Chris@Maugeritaville said...

Geez, this brings back memories of college . . .

Anyway, on to your trivia questions that you left at my place:

1. Jan wore the wig to a party in an effort to be more popular. As always, with Jan, it backfired (episode: "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?"). I don't remember dark glasses . . . there was another wig episode where MARCIA wore the wig and glasses to scare off a girl named Kerry who had a thing for Greg, because it was Peter who was hot for this chick (episode: "Cyrano de Brady").

2. Aunt Jenny

3. She actually gave Jan two gifts. A picture of herself and a cast from her broken leg. I don't remember the origin of the picture, but the cast was from a broken leg Aunt Jenny suffered on a skiing trip in the Alps. It was signed by Paul Newman, among others.

How'd I do?

B.E. Earl said...


But 151 proof Gosling's is pretty rare. The bottle doesn't look that different from the normal Black Seal label, but it should have a lighter color and, of course, 151 Proof written in big letters along the bottom of the label.

Either way, nicely done!

Fancy Schmancy said...

Oh, you sure did get lucky this time! Rum gives me fierce hangovers, I think it's the sugar! Pick me up on your way to Foxwoods!

Jules said...

KARMA! You must have done something good somewhere for another drunk soul to escape the hangover, way to go!

Soda and Candy said...

Brilliant work! Head to the casino immediately!

: )

TROLL Y2K said...

I'm assuming drinks are free at Foxwoods.

Elenka said... really lucked out. Could've been bad, real bad. Not that I would, ahem, know anything about this.

GeologyJoe said...

Nice. I just got some over-proof rum from Jamaica. it burns.

Scope said...

Don't worry, the hangover gods will extact their revenge sometime in the future when you've only had one.

Anonymous said...

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