Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I can't blog today because....

I can't blog today because there are fifty million other things I should be doing.

I can't blog today because it's 9am and I am still sitting at my computer in my pajamas. I need to get dressed and get a life.

I can't blog today because I am unemployed and I need to find a job. Although it would be way too cool if blogging were my job. Then I could stay in my pajamas and get paid. Any ideas?

I can't blog today because I need to pack for my trip to Paris on Thursday with my two best friend in the world. But I plan on blogging while I am there so you can all live vicariously through me. Yipee! I'll post pics and give you the latest on the City of Lights. It should be fun, so please let me know you are following along with me.

I can't blog today because I have to go to the supermarket and make sure my family has food while I am gone. I also need to get the ingredients for the fabulous new recipe I got this morning on another great blog so I can make it for tonight's dinner. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I can't blog today because it is back to school night tonight and I need to have all these other things done before I go. Including helping with homework and getting dinner on the table, yet here I still sit, the clock ticking away.

I can't blog today because I have to make sure the kid's schedules are all set while I am gone and everyone knows where they are supposed to be and why. I'm not worried. My guy is more than capable of being Mr. Mom for a few days while I go jet-setting off to Europe.

I can't blog today because I need to be working on my memoir. I set an attainable goal of at least 2 hours per day of memoir writing, yet I have logged way too many more that that daily, on my blog.

I can't blog today because I need to pay my monthly bills before I go away. This is key because I will definitely spend the bill money in Paris if I don't. But really, wouldn't you rather be blogging?

I can't blog today because I could waste the better part of an hour blogging with my sports friends about my beloved Red Sox and their Division Series win last night in Boston. Go Sox! Oh no wait, I did that already this morning.

So, really I'm so sorry... because I absolutely can't blog today.


LYDIA said...

I am so excited for your trip - I will definitely be following along :) And I am sorry you can't blog today.

pamdisarro said...

Sista, You are a natural. I am sitting here reading this and laughing!!!

LYDIA said...

I have a thing for handbags too - but I can't afford really expensive ones yet! One day I will have an obsession too :)

ÄsK AliCë said...

I'm jealous!! Have a great trip - I'll be checking on all the pictures! Great post :>

Tova Darling said...

Blogging would be a great job! Although, knowing me, once it became a "job," I'd stop showing up, start calling in sick... I only write well when I know I don't have to. :)

Joe D. said...

Thank you very much! Sry for responding so late but today was one of those rare busy days for me. The Sciosia move was a head scratcher and one borne out of desperation. The riverboat gambler in me gives him credit for taking that risk, he perceived an opening and he tried to take it. Lowell could potentially be a huge loss hard to replace his d and bat. That being said i'm ready for the LCSs they should be good

Joe D. said...
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