Sunday, October 12, 2008

An American in Paris: Day Two

Random observations on another glorious day in Paris:

Parisians are obsessed with our politics. They love Obama and think that Sarah Palin is a boob. We even saw a derogatory political cartoon of McCain and Palin in a taxi cab.

No one talks on their cell phones while walking around in the city. I found this to be amazing. Think about the city that you live in or any major city, for that matter; now think about how many people you see walking around talking on their cell phones or texting. It is very rare to see a Parisian walking around talking on their cell phone.

  • All of the women wear boots. Granted it is fall ,but most of the chic French ladies are wearing boots of all shapes and sizes. Short boots, knee high, thigh high etc. Boots are back!! (And no UGGS!! We counted; so far we have seen 4 pairs of UGGS and I'm sure they were all American's wearing them)
  • Fringe will be coming to a store near you. Fringe is back! If you own something with fringe, pull it out and wear it proudly. You could even comment,"It's the latest craze in Paris!"
  • Parisians are cracking down on smoking. Everyone here still smokes, but now they can't smoke in every bar or restaurant. It was not unusual to see lots of people, at night, standing around outside a bar or restaurant, smoking.
  • They do NOT hate American's. As a matter of fact I found the opposite to be true. They are genuinely concerned about our economic crisis and our Presidential election. I have heard from more than one Parisian, "What happens in the US dictates our global economy."
  • They love their first lady. Carla Bruni is a rock star here, but they don't care much for her husband.

That is the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the middle.

Jim Morrison's grave. Last night's Fois Gras


pamdisarro said...

Fringe huh??? I have an old vest from the 70's that I could pull out (in or out I don't think so) Anyway, I am happy to hear that Americans aren't looked upon as a joke like they were when I was there for three months (lived in the 11th district, near the sports areana)Of course that was thirty years ago. I remember living on bagettes, cheese and wine. Oh yeah, what was the name of the cigarettes that completed this banguet GALOIES ?? I forget but I surely don't forget PARI or the Champs. Your trip and you blog are enlightening, THANKS see you soon.

LYDIA said...

I love the UGG comment - Boots are your friends :)