Friday, October 10, 2008

Bon Jour!! Day One

Greeting from Paris!! Wow!! It was a very long day today. We arrived safely at 5:45 am and went to our hotel where we took a small nap! (much needed) Then we were off on a walking tour of the city. It was a glorious day and the weather was perfect with lots of bright, sun and warm temperatures. The first thing we did was eat!! But of course, and check out the cappuchino!! Ooo la la, tre bien! (excuse my pathetic attempts at French)

The patisserie's are amazing and I wish I could bring home chocolate and macaroons for all of you. The candy above is sold in a stand in front of the movies!!! There are so many varieties of candy, it was amazing!! Tres chic!! (yes I purchased some. I couldn't resist)

This is the Place Vendome, and is directly around the corner from our hotel. We did a little shopping, Oui, oui!! We then went over to the Louvre, a most spectacular site to see!

Those are my girls!!! I love them!! We then went to the famed Latin Quarter for some wine and cheese at an adorable outdoor cafe and engaged in our favorite sport of people watching. More about that later.

Before I go, I wanted to share with you this little French bulldog, in his little French shop, on his little French street, in his little French country.
I love it here!!!


Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

Ugh, I'm greeeeeeen with envy! ;-) I could so use a croissant and cappuccino at a neighborhood cafe right about now...and yes, of course you can play when you get back! If you have the chance to stop by, all of Paris is talking about the benefit auction at Christie's on Nov. 17 for the Institut Curie by Maison Goyard. They have a bunch of bags that have been personalized by the likes of Audrey Tatou, Catherine Deneuve, etc, I don't know if the bags are at Christies or Goyard but Goyard is located on Rue Saint Honore, 233 and they have a website Have FUN!!!!!!!

pamdisarro said...

Wow, I actually look forward to reading your blog, it's FUN, and PARIS!!! This is such a great time of year to travel, not a lot of tourists and the weather is really cooperative. The photos are just perfect for giving the feeling of the Parisian atmosphere. The girls look great and Paris is just magnificent, Voila...Don't forget to go to Moulon Rouge and that area where the artists hang etc...Also "Les Invalides", there is the most outrageous collection of photos of the WAR etc. Fasinating !!! Well enjoy the City of Lights and KEEP WRITING - WE LOVE to live vicariously thru Candy's daily Dandy. Love Bigsista

LYDIA said...

I think everyone reading your blog is jealous - I am :) Thanks for the update, glad you made it safely!

ÄsK AliCë said...

Looks gorgeous!!

That cappuccino looks absolutely fantastic, and Paris - oui oui! You lucky gal!

Joe D. said...

Bonjour! I think that's really exciting that you're going to Paris, so jealous of you rite now :P. I would kill to have the job you had back in the day and more than likely do it for free. . .maybe lol. I imagine that to be a really amazing job especially at that time with Celtics dominating the NBA. How bout the pitchers in Game 1? And watching an amazing Game 2 as I type. NE/SD should be a good one. Oh and I'll def be reading your blog.