Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Dandy's Daily Eye Candy

My boyfriend is in trouble. BIG trouble-and I'll be dammed if there is anything I can do about it. You see, my boyfriend, Tom Brady, injured his knee in the first quarter of the first game of the year and will be out for the rest of the SEASON . Dev-a-sta-ting for all fans of Patriots football and doubly devastating for fans of my Tommy. Just devastating. But it has been seven weeks since he's been gone and we have learned to live with it.

This year we won't be seeing Tommy boy in his sexy little uniform on the sidelines. In fact, we won't be seeing Tommy on the sidelines on crutches either(which really sucks-it's no fun without Tommy) because as I said before, Tommy is in Trouble. (with a capital T)

But before I get to his trouble, let me give you some history: Tommy became an overnight sensation back in 2001 when he took over for an injured (and sucky) New England quarterback Drew Bledsoe. Yada, yada, yada, he never lost a game and the Pats went on to win their first ever Super Bowl title. Big Stuff here in New England, as you already know, right. But to look like this too??

It was love at first sight for all of us. Women, men, young, old, we were hooked. He then went on to win two more Super Bowls back to back and ALMOST complete an undefeated season last year; their only loss came in the Super Bowl against the New York Giants.
Now for the good stuff: Since Tommy became a big time sports star after his first Super Bowl win, his options suddenly became wide open and Tommy had his pick of beauties. He chose the lovely Bridgete Moynahan, a New England gal herself.

They stayed together for a few years and a few more Super Bowls until Tommy and Bridgette broke up 2006 and Tommy immediately started dating well known Victoria Secret supermodel, Giselle. Here's where the start of the trouble began for Tommy. Two months later, Bridgette announced to the press that she was pregnant with Tom's baby. Meeeouch! His golden boy image had just gotten sacked!

Despite the PR nightmare, things continued with Tom and Giselle and nine months later Bridgete gave birth to baby Jack. During that time, two football seasons to be exact, Tommy had great seasons but both ended in disappointing losses. The press soon labeled Giselle "Jinxelle" and wondered whether Bridgete was seen wearing an Eli/Peyton Manning shirt around town. (Tommy's football rivals) Tommy had taken some hits in the press this summer for not sticking around New England, as he usually had done, and adhering to his usual strict post-season conditioning program. Instead he and Jinxy were jet setting all over the world. Whatev's...

So as I told you, Tommy went down HARD in the first game of the season this year and lo and behold, more trouble. The big trouble. Tommy decides (against the wishes of the Patrioits) he's going to have the immediate and season ending KNEE surgery he needs in California, not New England. We can't really blame him. He wanted to spend some time with his adorable son, but the doctor he choose, on the recommendation of his family and Jinxy, is some ELBOW specialist best known for operating on Nicole Kidman. Not the hand chosen KNEE surgeons here in Boston, the medical capital of the world. Trouble. He gets a serious infection and has been operated on twice since his initial Oct 6 surgery to clear things out and they still haven't got this infection under control. It's now looking like months not weeks to heal the infection, there-bye pushing his recovery time table back and possibly putting next season into jeopardy. Needles to say the Patriots are not happy. And because nothing in New England sports can stay a secret for very long, word is out that our golden boy is slipping from his team's good graces. Oh the horror!!

To top it all off, Perez Hilton, the undisputed blogging King, (I read his blog makes $100k a month!) posts this picture with the story about the team being pissed at Tommy. And because when it rains it pours, Tommy's QB replacement is weak at best. He's not even a poor man's Tom Brady.

Ouch!! We are left here in New England to wait this drama out and hope for the best. Old women are getting out the rosary's, saying the Novena and women and men are lighting candles, praying for our boy's safe and healthy return to Gillette Stadium, proudly wearing his number 12 next season.

I know this all sounds like a strange case of hero worship on my part. (but did you look at those pictures of him??) and I'll admit to being a sucker for his handsome mug and his flawless quarterback skills, but it's not only me.

I think this picture of my brother at the game yesterday say's it best. About 1/3 of the fans at the game were wearing them. GET WELL SOON Tommy!!


Dr Zibbs said...

I love that Bridgete.

LYDIA said...

I was a little disappointed with your boy after he left Bridgette all alone and prego - I think she is so beautiful!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

I am with you both! I loved her too and once briefly chatted with her at a game. She not only was drop dead gorgeous, but quite gracious also. Tommy definitely dropped a few notches on my scale after he left her. I still love him though! But more on the field than off!!

Joe D. said...
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