Monday, September 22, 2008


Ya, so I was watching keeping up with the Kardashian's on the E Channel today and all I can say is; whatever. Like OMG, these girls are so trashy its ridiculous. Really, who are these people and the big question is why do they have a show? Their zany antics are truly obnoxious and I wonder how much of it is done for the shock value of the show. There is no way that these chicks would get away with half the stuff that they do if they didn't have E's cameras tailing their every move. And ok, hello, BRUCE JENNER?? Are you listening? What on earth did you get yourself into? The Kardashian women continue to paint you as a the boob that you are and walk all over you and you just take it on the chin, shake your head and walk away. Do you realize that you are the joke of the show? Poor Bruce. At one time you were a well respected and world renowed athlete and now? Boob of the Kardashian's ridiculous show. Oh the mighty fall so hard.
Again, whatever. Ok lets talk about the mom, Kris. Does she have even the slightest clue as to the kind of example she and "her girls" are setting for the 2 youngest daughters? Listen, I am all for being close and hanging out with the family, but have you ever heard of boundaries?? Lady, you need a crash course in parenting, thats for sure. Didn't you ever stop and think that your girls get into trouble, ie:sex tapes, sex photos, arrests, because they were not taught to know better. While I applaud your dedication to your family, I think you need to rethink your Hollywood ways and teach your family about class, couth and humility, none of which you seem to posess. Remember Vegas? EWWW... Whatever. As for Kim, Kourtney and Klohe, a great big capital WHATEVER!! You three are a mess! Seriously, you guys are just about the only ones who find your antics cute. Trust me, your viewers are not watching your show for inspiration. Call it what it is, its more like the train wreck theory, cuz you just can't stop watching. Klohe and Kourtney are pathetically riding on their sister Kim's coattails of celebrity, so they need to kick up the rediculous factor a notch just to get some attention. But when you really break it down what the hell is Kim famous for??? A sex tape? A huge ass? Undeniable beauty? Ya, whatever.
So here I sit, in judgement on my blog, giving you all these opinions about the Kardashian's and their show all the while thinking what does this say about me? I have to admit, from time to time I watch the show. Sometimes I am touched by their actions, (remember Shorty) but mostly I am appalled by their antics, yet I continue to watch. Yes, I am part of the problem. Does that make me a hypocrite? Whatever..

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LYDIA said...

I have seen Keeping Up a few times myself, and I can't stand it! Being a lover of reality television, that says a lot! I was so happy to see Kim leave Dancing With the Stars. Since I was once a dancer I was quite disgusted with her pathetic attempt at dancing (maybe you saw it too?) If not, sorry for the rant.