Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today's Special:Top 5 favorites

As a makeup artist, I am constantly surrounded by fabulous, decadent, beauty products. As a woman I am constantly searching for the next best, fabulous, decadent, beauty products. Most women are product "junkies",as I like to call it, and I am certainly no different. So for your enjoyment, I offer you this week special, the top five of the week:
1. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Firming Lotion-
Get this-a cheap self tanner that works to lengthen the life of your tan and actually firms the skin while leaving a natural glow. WOW. That sounds like they paid me to say that but really, they didnt. I love this stuff. At 8 bucks a tube, it beats all expensive brands that claim to do the same. It is a gradual self tanner, but a self tan product none the less. All the same rules apply-exfoliate before use, apply evenly and wash hands after applying. This product is simplicity at its finest!! It works best with a real tan to maximize your golden glow.Try it you'll love it!!

2. Kiehls Hand and Body Lotion and Body Wash in Fresh Gardenia-

These products are a Neiman Marcus exclusive so if you love the soft, fruity, floral scent of gardenias as I do, Neiman's is the place to get it. The smooth texture of the body lotion spreads evenly leaving a soft, silky, yummy fragrant layer of moisture over your entire body. The accompanying body wash is a lovely foamy treat in the shower. I reccommend using the body wash in the shower and then applying the lotion after the shower to layer the sweet scent of gardenias over your entire body for an uplifting aroma that lasts all day.

3. Chanel Mousse Doucer Foaming Mousse Cleanser-

I love a rich, creamy, foaming cleanser for my face and this one has everything I am looking for in a cleanser. Not only was it designed for my skin type, (combination skin-which I share with 70 percent of all women) but it touts the de-toxifying power of Tulip Tree Extract while balancing the skin with the emollient properties of Mallow extract. This soft foam whisks away daily dirt and impurities and leaves the skin feeling incredibly balanced. Perfect for cleansing anytime, but especially great after a long day and before bedtime, it leaves tired skin feeling comfortable and supple.

4. Dior Air Flash Foundation-

For a perfect airbrushed effect this "foundation in a can" leaves a soft application of foundation on your skin lickety split and can be layered with ease for a better coverage. It is expensive, $60.00 for a 2.3 oz spray can, but so worth it. Not only is it fun, so much fun to apply and wear (it works like a can of spray paint), but also it is a great quality foundation with three easy to blend colors to choose from.

5. Lancome Definicils Masacra-

By far my favorite mascara and believe me I have used them all. Definicils is a lash lengthener and does just that, but can be layered for a thickening effect also. One word of caution, it must be disposed of after 2-3 months. Its best used when fresh and the consistency of the mascara is wet.

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LYDIA said...

I will have to try the mascara, I love a good lengthening mascara because my eyes are one of my favorite features. I need you to suggest some products for sensitive, acne prone, pale people like myself. I need a new concealer.