Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today's Special

I woke up this morning consumed with the thought of baking. Cupcakes, cakes, pies, cookies and I cant stop thinking about what I will make today. I begin my quest by looking in recipe books, scouring for my newest baking accomplishment. Cupcakes are what I have chosen to make and I want to have them ready for the critics when they arrive home from the first day of school. I have decided that the cake is the easy part of the cupcake, it is the frosting that makes the dessert special. I am reminded of the best cupcakes I have ever tasted; Magnolia's. I dream about Magnolia's cupcakes and I am not alone in this dream. Magnolia's bakery in the villiage in NYC has been churning out delectable cupcakes for years. Addictive cupcakes...Lines form around the corner of the tiny bakery and much like Seinfeld's soup natzi, Magnoila's has strict rules allowing you to purchase only a dozen cupcakes at a time. No more-and you are shuttled out the door quick to get to the next person in line. Magnolia's cupcakes are so famous that Saturday night live has done a parody on the bakery and it was also featured in a Meryl Streep, Uma Thurmon movie. My niece turned me on to them one Thanksgiving and at first bite-after a huge Thanksgiving dinner-I was not so impressed. Yes, I thought they were good but it wasn't until the next day that I realized that I had stumbled onto something great. I placed a call to my niece to inquire about the cupcakes. "Auntie, I swear they put crack in them." she said. I think she may be right. I was hooked instantly. She told me that Magnolia's was recently sold for $10 million dollars. "Wow," I said. "For that little bakery?" I said. She answered, "For that little bakery and that little bakery's recipies."
Today my thoughts swirl around opening a bakery of my own. Surely I could do that-open a bakery sell cupcakes, cakes, pies, sandwiches, tea. My contribution to the world. Maybe I could create a following much like that of Magnolia's. My entrepreneurial side then began to take over. I began thinking about selling all kinds of homemade food-sandwiches, bread, ice cream, soups, coffee, tea. I could sell bottled sauces, spices, kitchen accessories, candy, whatever tickles my fancy. It could be very successful, in my mind of course, and not alot of work, in my mind of course. I can see the logo on the shop sign, the bags, boxes, t-shirts, aprons and colorful jars filled with candy. I see an eclectic mix of furniture, unmatched chairs and tables, bean bags on the floor and colorful artwork adorning the walls. Small bookshelves filled with all types of books for reading, it could be a place for people to gather and hang out or spend some quiet time alone. A place to dream..... In my mind I too am offered $10 million for my shop and my recipies and I recognize that this is one of my dreams. After all I am unemployed at the moment, why not dream.

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