Thursday, September 4, 2008

VACATION: Over and out!!

It's back to school time and summer vacation is over and out. Time to get up early every day, get dressed, brush your teeth and trudge off to school. My kids are like every other kid whom is heading back to school with a mixture of excited anticipation and dread; bummed out. The reality is that summer vacation is really over. The easy, lazy days of summer spent on a beach or at a pool, wearing flip flops and making smores on an open fire are gone. The pictures, put into a folder marked Summer 2008, have already joined the ranks in the memories of my mind. We still have the good weather to remind us that the transition from summer vacation to school schedule will be gentle as the seasons change, but the cold mornings waiting for the bus warn us of what is coming.
The good thing is that there is a certain feeling of renewal that accompanies going back to school. It is a time of new beginnings. My kids set goals for their academic aspirations and we start anew. New clothes, new books, binders, backpacks, shoes, and friends. Fall sports begin along with new sports seasons and the promise of what is to come is refreshing. Fashions change and fashionistas follow with their new looks. The weather changes from hot and humid to cool and crisp and some begin to think about wiping the slate clean. For the kids, homework is inevitable. Like death and taxes, homework is the only constant. The kids are good about it even though there are about 20 million other things that they would rather be doing, they know in my house it is a prerequisite for life. I also feel the renewal of back to school, a definite push to get my ducklings in a row and begin the next chapter in my life. This feeling of renewal breeds hope and leads me to believe that anything is possible. I guess in a way, back to school is about taking a journey. The people and the roads they take are always different but the journey that takes us to self realization is the same. Life is a great educator that way.

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