Monday, August 18, 2014

Who Me? What? No, I'm Fine. Really.

So it's no secret that Frick is currently a junior at NYU. Now its Frack's turn, and he is going to be a freshman at High Point University. This should be easy right? Been there,done that kinda thing. When your kids go away its never easy. Deep down inside you know that they need to spread their wings and fly, but this time its different. This time Frack will be leaving the nest which means the nest will be empty-save for My Guy and Me-on Friday.

And I'm freaking out.

It's bad enough that he's leaving right when I've become used to her being away, but now that my house will be without kids, like for a while, I'm wondering if I will be ok. But I don't want to think about I wonder will he be ok? How will he survive without me to tell him to do his homework? Eat less red meat? Get up on time and clean his room? Do his OWN laundry? Oh the horror...

I'm kinda freaking out. 

Because the truth is I know he will figure it out. I know he will go to class, eat chicken occasionally, and do his homework and laundry and survive. I know he will thrive! The question really is, will I? What am I supposed to do if I don't have to take care of them? 

What does that make me? 

Who am I now? 

What do I do now?

Again...I'm freaking out. 

And I have a week until I have to figure this crap out. A major life transition has a way of creeping up on you like that and then bam! It hits you like a ton of bricks. Then you have to accept it and move on. I just have to accept it and move on without them under my roof. They will always be my kids, right? My babies, my family? I did my job well, now it's their turn. I gotta keep repeating that to myself so that I can get through it.

Welcome to my ton of bricks moment.  


Deech Verdecia said...

My children were taken from me by my ex wife at a very early age. I got them back recently for the summer this year and now they are all headed back to their respective places. The boy went back to his mom's and I will probably see him again next year. The girl heads off to college in a few days.

For me, saying goodbye to them again is never easy.

MarkD60 said...

Just stay in today. When you find yourself thinking about the future, try to stop, and just live in the moment.

Lil' Nigglet said...

Das funnee you sez sumptin bout chickens, bax when I was en scool, I wuh alredy verxed in how to does landry, cook and eben crack a book onse in a whiles but they ain't reely teech me nuthin I already aint's no. Luvs me sum generals fryed chickun baby, ooo weee, I shole does love me some white womens.

the walking man said...
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the walking man said...

Try this

if that doesn't work for you try this

You just find whatever rhythm that works for you. You'll be fine.

Scope said...

I expect that a year from now when we are in the same boat, both Cora and I will be basket cases even though the odds are great the Daughter will be going to school and living about a mile from where I work.

Hang tough.

the walking man said...

Scope see the links my kids have been out of the house so long most days i forget they ever lived here.