Monday, August 11, 2014

Fat Bottomed Girls

Is there any truth to the saying in the song, "Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round."? Being somewhat of a "fat bottomed girl" myself, I wondered.

I'm sitting on the beach with a bunch of people this weekend, and the conversation casually turns to the shape and size of all people. The topic was about someone that knew someone in high school, that happened to be a "fat bottomed girl". It was told that this certain "fat bottomed girl" got all the guys.
We questioned this collectively. Yes. It was affirmed. This girl happened to get both handsome and not so handsome guys with relative ease.

OK, we said. "Was that because she was easy?" We couldn't help but wonder. The answer may surprise you. It was told that she was not easy in the way that one may think, but easy in that she was available. Then the fellas all chimed in.

"I'm not sure that's true," one said. "I've never been into fat girls."

"Oh yeah," one said. "In my twenties? After hitting back a few?" another said. "They all look like supermodels."

Another said, "I'm pleading the fifth here." And we all knew what that meant.

And one actually said. "Yeah, that could be true."

While there are much more important and pressing topics to be discussed on the pages of The Daily Dandy, I decided to poll it out to my boys.

OK fellas... to all the boys that comment here.Is it true? Is it a rite of passage? Does the "Rocking World Go Round"? Tell us what you think.


the walking man said...

It's not the size of the ass that counts Candace, men are as varied as women when it comes to physical chemistry. Some women like bearded behemoths and some guys like big butts on women. That's chemistry and occasionally if you have mommy or daddy issues.

When it comes right down to the act of fucking for fun. It all depends on how you use the equipment you have, I known biblically scarecrow thin women and a few that made Everest look like a molehill. My experience has been the more attractive the woman the more narcissistic. A lot of take every touch, caress and stroke but return the pleasure...nope, to good to sully that pretty mouth with a lick or hand with a tickle.

Though it isn't important so much anymore but my experience has been when to people are mutually fucking for fun, the size of the ass doesn't much matter other than more to hold onto while she tries to buck that bronc rider off. But then girls with pancake flat asses, they to have their ways it's all a matter whats fun and knowing it's a team game not a singular sport.

And ANY guy who tells you he never had sex with a woman who had two or more bellies is lying his ass off.

Melaka said...

As a woman who once was a size 1 and now is a size 12, my husband finds ways to sabotage my diets. Don't get me wrong, I work out twice a day and am strong as an ox, but he prefers the curves. Oh yeah, he'll look at all the pretty, skinny girls, but when it comes right down to it, curves are more fun to cuddle.

Anonymous said...

I think that what you will find is that the answer to this question will differ with every guy. I think the majority of guys are into the girls with curves. I happen to love women with "Fat Bottoms" and I really can't explain why. I honestly believe that Sir Mixalot had it right....