Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Tough Love

We all have to fly. We all have to spread our wings, fly free and soar where we have never dared to soar before. And we have to do it alone, but together in spirit. Always.

  • The nest will be empty today..by 5 pm. I've realized that it's not about me. They will be great. I've done my job. 
  • It's not so bad... my life is good. Possibly even great, but I'm being challenged lately. I can't run and hide. I've got to fight and move forward with everything I've got. Piece of cake, right?

I'm done whining and crying. I had my moment, now it's time to live. Fly free and soar. 

Eagles don't fly with crows. 


Scope said...

I hear ya.

the walking man said...

It time to close the curtains walk around the house naked, watch what you want to watch on the TV. But I know you, you'll sit pining at the phone waiting for it to ring but not answering it until 1/2 through the third ring so it will appear as if you're unconcerned.