Wednesday, August 6, 2014

They Lift You Up

Friends are like a good friend of mine inspired me to say.

I think he's right on. When you need it, it comes in the most amazing packages. Is it our faith? Is it our karma? I will not question why. I will only be grateful. Whatever the reason, good friends can elevate you to a place you never thought was possible. It is then that you realize that they are your family and family comes in many forms.

They lift you up, become your cheerleaders and keep you going knowing that you should not be afraid to try to achieve because they believe in you. They see it all. The good, the bad and the ugly, and yet they still care about you and give you strength. It's reciprocal, this friendship thing and it only works if you too, care enough to lift them up. And it happens when you/they may not even realize it.

This is the true gem, the diamond in the rough. And that cannot be valued, for friendship like that is truly priceless.

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the walking man said...

Candace it is not just in the giving f friendship which you do easily enough, but one has to know how to accept that most precious of gems.